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A Precious Commodity: Reliable Customer Data

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Every successful online marketing campaign requires customer data. Quite often, however, the data is incomplete or incorrect. A typo will certainly lead to an undelivered newsletter. Moreover, you want to make sure data are used in the right context. There is nothing worse than a promotion for a product that a customer has already bought. With a few tips companies receive the right quantity and quality of data.

One aspect of processing data is legal security. That is why companies should use explicit opt-ins to record, process and store data.

A data strategy serves as a guideline for selecting the really important data. Consider that unnecessary data take up space you could use otherwise. Many businesses have the impulse to record everything without thinking about how they actually want to use the data. This can lead to additional costs for storing and structuring the data. Think about what you need before you pursue your goals.

Bounce management has proven to be great for identifying incorrect email addresses. An email that could not be delivered creates a bounce that is returned to the sender. Modern marketing automation solutions can identify and delete incorrect or fake email addresses automatically or alert marketing staff so that they can check individual addresses.

Of course it would be best if customers checked and supplemented data themselves. A solution to make this possible is a self service portal that can point customers' attention to incomplete or incorrect data.

The biggest challenge is bringing all data together in a customer profile that is updated in real-time. Again, modern technology can facilitate and automate this task.

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