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Achieve More Organic Reach on Facebook with These Tips

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Is it still possible to achieve a high post reach without the help of Facebook Ads? A Facebook post that can keep up with the numbers possible with Facebook Ads is as likely as winning the lottery today. Nevertheless, there is always room for optimization. We have put together some helpful tips.

Not every Facebook post is treated equally by the social network. Algorithms determine what users see in their Feed. Five criteria play a role here:

  • Do the interests of the user match the fanpage?
  • How does the post fare with similar users?
  • How well did past posts do with users?
  • What kind of post is it (picture, link, status)?
  • How up-to-date is the post?

Even if these five criteria simplify the complex algorithms actually at work, certain conclusions can still be drawn from them. They can work as a guideline when preparing future posts on the social network. Nevertheless, the reach of sponsored posts will probably not be possible.

Our recommendations for more organic reach:

1. Show face

A smile works wonders sometimes. People want to see a face very once in a while, so do not hide behind the company logo and its products all the time. Give users insights into your company! This is a social network after all. Only sharing links and promoting products will not lead to the desired reach. Therefore: Show yourself from a more personal side, for example, by introducing new employees or by posting greetings from a conference you are currently attending.

2. Eye candy

It is no secret that photos are the most-shared content on Facebook. More shares means more reach. Therefore, when planning your social media activities, you should consider sharing visual content, such as photos, infographics, or videos.

3. Sharing posts in groups

There are many like-minded people on Facebook who organize themselves in groups. If you have relevant content, share it in the right groups. Do not simply post a link to a blog post, but also explain why you consider the content relevant to the group and ask for feedback. You might also be able to generate new fans for your site.

4. The right timing

The fact that it makes little sense to post at midnight should be obvious to everyone. Companies should use Facebook Insights to learn more about the habits of their fans. The target group plays an important role in the publication of posts: If you want to appeal to young consumers, you better choose the afternoon. If you want to address employees, choose the morning.

5. Interact

Like, share and comment other users' posts. Participate actively in discussions and respond quickly to comments under your own posts. The more interactions a post triggers, the higher its reach.

6. Relevance

Your posts should deal with current issues. Nobody shares the news from last year. Facebook also knows which topics are trending at the moment and assigns them more relevance - the reach increases.

7. Sweepstakes

Use sweepstakes to motivate users to like and comment your posts. It should be noted that it is not permitted to make users mark other users or make them share the post as a prerequisite for participation in the sweepstakes.

Anyone who takes the time to analyze the interests and habits of the target group and serve the right content at the right time can do quite a bit for the fanpage's reach. This also includes interacting with users and content of others. Increasing the organic reach does not go without investing thought and time. Nevertheless, be realistic and do not expect the figures of Facebook Ads. Read more about Social Media Marketing.

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