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Breathe Life into Your Marketing with Video Content

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Do you want to bring new life to your marketing and generate more traffic? Video content might be ideal for achieving this goal. Consumers oftentimes prefer to receive information while they relax over reading long texts. It has never been so simple: The new YouTube live stream updates have simplified providing video content.

Why should you distribute video content?

The Cisco Visual Networking Index predicts that approximately 82 percent of consumers' total Internet traffic will be video content by 2020. Online videos are already almost indispensable in everyday life. We use them to research various things and of course for entertainment. Watching a short video takes much less motivation than reading a long article. The chances that your message will be received are therefore pretty good with video content. In addition, users remember video better than text because the information is presented visually.

How can live streams be used and what are the benefits?

Live videos are well received by users for their directness and authenticity. This positively effects users' willingness to interact with the content. The ability to give feedback in real time and to respond to the content appeals to users.

Now you might think that this form of content is too fleeting - quite the contrary! Live stream videos can also be reused and distributed after they aired live. Today's video platforms such as Facebook Live or YouTube offer a very large user base and thus a large potential reach.

What are the features of the new YouTube updates?

YouTube has created a replay feature for live content. This feature allows marketers to access the live comments displayed next to the videos at a later time. The insights derived from this data can be used for further campaigns.

Another new feature are English subtitles, which are automatically generated and can be displayed for any video. This makes the international distribution of videos a cakewalk. Of course, you can continue to use your own translations.

If you want to focus on local marketing, you should use the new location feature. A location tag enables you to generate new followers close to you.

Tip: The benefits of video content and the new YouTube features are compelling: videos can help you to increase your reach quickly and gain valuable data on user behavior. As usual, a lot depends on choosing the right data to evaluate.

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