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Content Is for Google what Cheese Is for Mice

W4 | W4 / April 17, 2018

Banner advertising loaded with imperatives, telemarketing and traditional television commercials pale in direct comparison with the effectiveness that inbound marketing achieves. Inbound means: the user himself initiates contact with the provider. And he does so based on the content offered to him. Pop-ups are perceived as a nuisance. Because what the user wants to read must appear to be relevant to him and of high quality, while supporting him in formulating his decision to make a purchase through the weighing of pros and cons, and this content must also be easy to find.

Is web content more influential than traditional advertising?

Yes, content is king!

Through company eNewsletters, corporate videos or short clips, apps and eBooks on websites, blogs, Facebook, YouTube and other channels, you gain comprehensive access to new, regular potential customers for your products and services and manage to attain customer loyalty. So it's all about good content. It's about CONTENT MARKETING.

With CONTENT MARKETING customers are informed about products, services and topics directly related to them. This includes practical information and influential consultation.

In the U.S., this strategy is already widespread. Companies not only achieve massive amounts of leads and top Google rankings, but also excellent sales. This means that web content managers, online editors and social media marketers are more in demand than ever.

And in Germany and Switzerland? While across the Atlantic content marketers are acting firmly in daily marketing business, the resources of many German and Swiss companies are not yet focused on content marketing. In this area, it is advisable to also rely on external providers - there's no time to lose. The best pieces of the pie have not yet been taken. Now is the time to establish yourself as a trustworthy advisor, partner and supplier of products and services on the internet. And the best thing is: The success of CONTENT MARKETING can not only can seen, but is also particularly easy to measure.

You generate leads, trust, brand loyalty and even more leads. Only if your content is considered authentic and honest you achieve good rates of return.

Benefits of content marketing

  • With the right content, you increase your visibility on Google.
  • You generate significantly more leads—potential customers become aware of you and show an initially non-committal intent to purchase.
  • You assume the role of a trustworthy expert in a subject area.
  • You create brand awareness; the customer identifies with you.
  • You increase your traffic and time spent by visitors on your site.
  • You reach new customers and retain them for the long term.
  • You learn from continuous monitoring of what users are interested in and use this knowledge strategically for follow-up campaigns.
  • You benefit from viral distribution mechanisms. The interaction between your website and social networks intensifies.

W4 sums it up

THE RIGHT WAY: Valuable content is appreciated by both users and search engines and generates traffic, brand loyalty and sales.

HAPPY TO HELP: We provide strategic advice, create relevant content and present it in an optimal manner. So that people not only have a good opinion of you, but also express it to others and ultimately buy from you.

START NOW: Offer good content. Because each business has individual demands, we have put together three content marketing packages for you. Choose the one that suits your goals. We are happy to provide you with in-person consultation.

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