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Conversion - Optimizing the Quintessence of Your Marketing

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

In online marketing, it is paramount to generate as much traffic as possible on all communication channels. A lot of traffic is the prerequisite for increasing the conversion rate. But there are other measures that can boost conversions. Three of them are presented below.

However, let us clarify the terms associated with conversion optimization first: "Traffic" is the number of visitors on your website and other channels. The term "conversion" means the conversion of a visitor to a lead or to a customer. Conversion optimization (CRO) is using your content and traffic efficiently to generate more leads and customers.

How to optimize conversion rates?

Companies have to make the best of existing traffic. However, optimization only makes sense if a good traffic volume has already been reached. Marketing automation tools like HubSpot can evaluate the traffic and other key figures of all your channels in real-time.
There are two ways to increase conversion numbers:

1. Improve the visitor-to-lead rate.
2. Improve the lead-to-customer rate.

Improving the visitor-to-lead rate can be achieved by special lead generation measures. These may be providing high-quality content that site visitors have to register for or newsletter subscriptions. Improving the lead-to-customer rate can be achieved, for example, through lead-scoring or account-based marketing.

The conversion rates can also benefit from increasing the number of visitors on a company's communication channels. This can be achieved by sharing content on social media or paid promotions. If, for example, you maintain a corporate blog on which high-quality content is published, individual posts should be shared and distributed on various social media channels in order to attract as many visitors as possible.

3 possible optimization options:

1. Optimizing blog posts
Certain blog posts draw more traffic than others. If some posts have a particularly low conversion rate, there is a need for optimization. It may be necessary to update the post or improve your call-to-action texts. Blog posts that have a lot of traffic should be promoted accordingly.

2. Messaging on websites
Individual websites with a high conversion rate can be supported with a messaging tool. Such an instrument allows you to communicate with website visitors in real-time. The business can directly interact with customers, provide them with support, and initiate further activities. The integration of a messaging tool is particularly useful on pages with product or service descriptions so that potential questions can be answered quickly and easily.

3. Automated workflows
With automated workflows, you can support sales enormously. Sending emails that contain a direct link to an appointment feature for a sales conversation can, for example, represent such an automated workflow. You can also send emails to qualified prospects who have canceled a purchase process prematurely to provide additional motivation for concluding the shopping process.

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