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Customer Centricity: Focus on the Customer

The winds have changed: finally, sales and marketing are turing their attention towards customers' needs. Only happy customers are loyal customers. Customer centricity is the basis for making them happy. It is both corporate culture and corporate strategy in one. 

Back in the days, people simply advertised a product. Today customers are wooed. This means that individual solutions are offered for their individual problems, needs and desires. It is about personalization, about giving people exactly what they feel they need. Both product and service are conceived with clients' requirements in mind. They are the source of inspiration.

The challenge is to ensure an optimized customer journey and customer experience. The customers are to benefit from a real added value. Media for communication are therefore chosen accordingly.

First-hand feedback from customer surveys and reviews are great to stay close to the source and are the basis for customer centricity.

A positive brand experience is a must. Recognition value is as important as the brand experience itself.

The brand-customer relationship should not end with a buying decision. The first purchase should be understood as the beginning as a long relationship. Loyal clients are eventually the most valuable!

Are customers addressed individually or are you communicating to an anonymous mass? The customer centricity of a business can be measured using the customer centricity score.

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