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Developing Buyer Personas

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

What does your ideal customer look like? - This question is the starting point for developing buyer personas, i.e. fictional persons that mirror your desired customers. What should you keep in mind in this regard?

In B2B, the most important thing to consider is the sector in which your buyer persona works and what their position is at their company.
There are differences with regard to decision making processes. Managers can make decisions relatively independently – a key factor when approaching negotiations later on. Moreover, some people are very confident in their decision making abilities, others are rather hesitant. The latter require arguments that proactively support the decision making process.

Knowledge about clients' business objectives and the challenges associated with these objectives will enable you to create content that fits their requirements. Think about what your clients need to overcome challenges they encounter and assess potential keywords accordingly so that the personas can actually find your solutions to their problems.

Demographic aspects factor in as well. Age, location and education may influence various interests and needs and should obviously be considered when you address individual personas.

Last but not least, there are some basic questions that have to be answered as well. You have to find out which channels clients prefer when they look for information – blogs, social networks or print products – to distribute content at the right place. Moreover, every persona has a time of the day on which they perform the best. Identify these times and use this insight to approach them at the right moment.

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