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Don't produce your content for nothing. Use your social media.

W4 | W4 / April 19, 2018

It's depressing: you put a lot of time and effort into every one of your blog posts, but only a handful of users seem to read them. The problem: usually it's a case of simply lacking the necessary reach! Social media can help to solve this problem.

You can reach more people using social media like Facebook, Twitter or Xing. If you increase your traffic, you generate more leads. And the possibilities are endless: 

1. Seeding

Seeding means actively addressing opinion leaders (influencers). Here, the key is to ensure that the shared content is thematically matched to the selected target group. Otherwise, seeding attempts like this can easily be seen as spam.

Please note: a ‘viral hit’ doesn't happen all by itself. In addition to all the planning, you always need a certain amount of luck for your content to spread on the Net like wildfire. Viral dissemination can never be predicted with certainty.

2. Paid Reach

Using paid reach is recommended in order to address as many users in your target group as possible and to expand the distribution of your content in social networks. You don't even need a big marketing budget for this – sometimes even a small injection of cash is enough to give your content a boost.

3. Social Signals

The principle behind social signals is simple: the more likes, comments or favourites a post receives, the more relevant it becomes for search engines. The more interactions your post accumulates, the greater the probability that your social media posts will also be displayed in searches for a certain term.

4. Reputation

With the help of social media, you can retain your customers' loyalty and help them quickly and easily. Various service providers use their Facebook and Twitter accounts, for example, to operate front-line customer service. This not only creates trust, it also bolsters your online reputation. Both ideally lead to you, and not your competitors, being your potential customers' first port of call thanks to your great reputation.

So you see: marketing automation doesn't work without content. You need promising tools to reach your entire target group, however. The use of social media can significantly boost your marketing activities and help you to make even better use of your content. Read more about Social Media Marketing.

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