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    E-mail Marketing at Its Best – Easier Said Than Done

    E-mail marketing is one of online marketing's oldest and most established disciplines. From small companies to industry heavyweights, almost everyone uses email marketing. Still, there are many unsuccessful emails out there.

    What you should pay attention to

    1. A strong subject line

    It is the mail's door opener. If the subject line does not appeal to the recipient, the e-mail is very likely to be deleted before it was even opened. Address the recipient directly. Try not to sound too much like you are advertising something. Instead, be authentic and deliver substantial content. Moreover, try to keep it shorter than 50 characters.

    2. Personalize

    Analyses show that personalized emails fare much better than their counterparts. Personalization is especially important in B2B. Make the best of your e-mails and personalize!

    3. Relevant content

    Send e-mails containing information relevant to your customers. At the same time, keep the mail as short as possible. Your readers want dependable facts. There is little time for thematic excesses. Long mails that cannot stay on point are usually punished with high bounce rates.

    4. Write in style

    Your addressees have a lot on their plate: business, family and personal interests. This means that you can be happy for every minute invested in your email. Award their attention with writing styles that complement your content and make it easy to read your text. It should not take effort to read an email.

    5. Use images

    Visuals that complement your content are usually a good idea. They underline the message of your text. Be mindful of image sizes.

    6. Structure

    E-mails that appear chaotic and overstuffed are usually deleted at first glance.

    7. Be available for communication

    Your readers should be able to contact you in an uncomplicated manner. It should not take more than a click.

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