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eCommerce Becomes Everywhere Commerce II: Call Tracking

W4 | W4 / April 19, 2018
The digital revolution is changing our daily lives and those who welcome this development can profit from it tremendously. The gap between eCommerce and traditional trade is increasingly closing. The means of digital marketing can now be successfully applied in more traditional forms of marketing. Hello everywhere commerce! 

Why Call Tracking?

Call tracking is becoming more and more popular: tracking software automatically generates phone numbers for every marketing instrument (online, e-mail, print etc.). The software then analyzes which instrument or campaign generates the most incoming calls and hence helps to determine which one offers the best return of investment (ROI). But it does not stop there: call tracking delivers a wide range of data, from information on the lead source to analyzing complete phone conversations. The collected data can then be used to optimize sales processes by assessing the quality of leads. Furthermore, future campaigns will deliver a better ROI since call tracking data has provided valuable insight into what works and what does not with the targeted audience.

All of this comes at a fair price: because call tracking solutions are usually cloud-based, only a small investment is required.

The Phone Continues to Be a Valuable Marketing Instrument

Even in the digital age, the phone remains important. The reason for this is its own evolution: the smartphone is always with us and unifies various uses – from apps and internet access to phone calls. The click-to-call function for example is increasingly popular and serves as a perfect example for successfully bridging the gap between digital and analogue. Furthermore, there will always be reasons why customers prefer to call instead of writing an e-mail – be it because s/he prefers to talk to a real person, to quickly get an answer or because it is simply convenient.


Better Leads through Call Tracking

Not only does call tracking deliver data on how a customer found a business, but it also enable sales process optimization and lead nurturing. Every call – incoming or outgoing – is recorded and analyzed by the software: intonation, emotion, choice of words and duration are all taking into account. This is a tremendous amount of data that the software uses to qualify leads: Which offered services interest the customer the most? What evoked positive or negative emotions? When will the customer be ready to make a purchase? With this information, individual customers can be approached at the right moment in a manner that is tailored to his needs. It is rather simple: better leads make higher conversion rates!

Our Service

Optimize your sales process with call tracking. We advice you in the development of your own call tracking strategy and help analyzing the collected data. We can also conduct whole call tracking campaigns in our own call center for you. Get in touch!

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