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Ensure You Don't Miss out on the Best People!

W4 | W4 / April 18, 2018
Skilled professionals are few and far between. Recruiting them poses fresh challenges to companies across all sectors, and this tendency is growing. Marketing vacancies professionally is set to play an increasingly important role in this process. Traditional job advertisements only reach a fraction of potential applicants nowadays. Even various job platforms are increasingly being left behind. 

New opportunities are emerging, however, thanks to new media. New media give companies access to a broad network of potential applicants even before a vacancy has actually been published. They can also approach suitable candidates directly, provided they know how to use these new media.

The solution

Social media

The next generation of employees is currently at school, completing an apprenticeship or studying. When they enter the jobs market in the next few years, these young graduates will have a wide variety of job offers awaiting them. For this reason, it is particularly important to make them aware of your company now. In order to achieve this, of course, you have to be where they are: on social networks.


Facebook currently has just under 31 million members in German-speaking countries. More than half of users are under 30 and use the portal to communicate, network and find information. A careers Facebook page allows you to establish initial contact with these users. They get the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes, while in return, companies can show prospects why they should apply for a job there. Discreet postings also ensure the company stays top of mind among users and that contact is maintained.

Xing & LinkedIn

Potential candidates who are already available on the jobs market usually have a profile on business platforms, such as Xing and LinkedIn. Xing currently has 6.1 million members, while LinkedIn has 3 million accounts in German-speaking countries and 200 million worldwide. Companies should therefore be represented in these portals. This requires a professional and regularly updated company profile that offers users insight into the company.

Employer rating portals

How is the working atmosphere? How are dealings between line managers and their superiors? Is the workload achievable? Future employees are keen to receiving answers to these and other questions. And who better to answer them than the very companies they refer to. More and more job portals now also feature evaluations by employees, as a response to the lively exchange in the WorldWideWeb. This is an avenue that companies should explore, too. The Internet is currently used by many people as a platform to share recommendations but also criticism. Many users take advantage of personal reports to get a "genuine" idea of what a company is really like. This offers extensive recruitment potential for companies. Encourage your (former) employees to submit an anonymous rating on selected online portals, such as Jobvoting (100,000 employers) and MeinChef (10,000 employers.)

Xing offers the option of integrating a rating tool through (77,000 employers) – the most widely-used employer rating portal in German-speaking countries – onto your own corporate website. This gives potential candidates an immediate idea of the working conditions.

Communication channels

In order to tap the full potential of recruitment, you need to ensure the right mix of media. Job postings should be published on as many relevant channels as possible today.

This means that HR managers would almost have to be media professionals in order to stay on top of this. Since in practice they cannot fit this into their available working time, companies should work with external professionals in this area.

Viral recruitment marketing

In order to advertise job postings as widely as possible, it is a good idea to employ viral marketing methods. These may include a postcard campaign with an appealing cover and a QR code which leads directly to the online job posting; local, national or international poster campaigns or enticing short films to be shared on social networks - the possibilities are endless and ultimately the most important thing is to attract attention!

Mobile recruitment

More and more job seeker make use of mobile devices in their job search. However, there are still only a handful of companies offering appropriate mobile solutions. Depending on the number of vacancies, the company's own website should at least be mobile optimized. If the company has a large number of job postings, however, it is worth getting a professionally designed careers app (iOSX & Android).


More and more, a Google search is the first step to finding a new job. This means that companies should feature as high up as possible in the search results. This can be achieved through a Google AdWords campaign or through a good ranking position which involves using the right keywords and communications channels.


Employees can and should be involved in the recruitment process. They often have friends and acquaintances working in the same sector, know their strengths and weaknesses and are particularly well suited to evaluate them. Sending out a message containing links to the relevant job posting and asking employees to share it can lead to a successful placement rather quickly.

Our offer: W4 – HR Marketing

We can develop a human resources marketing concept tailored to your target group. This takes into account both short-term and long-term communications objectives, thus laying the groundwork for successful recruitment in your company.

Our services at a glance:

  • Developing and implementing customized HR marketing concepts

  • Developing and implementing viral marketing concepts

  • Developing and implementing customized Google AdWords campaigns

  • Publishing job offers in all relevant online and offline channels

  • Creating, optimizing and offering support with social media campaigns

  • Mobile website optimization

  • Programming career pages

  • Programming career apps (iOs, Android)

  • Producing copy

  • Graphic design

We can create a personalized HR Marketing Package tailored to your individual requirements and wishes. Contact us today!

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