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Forms Establish Contact and Generate Leads

W4 | W4 / April 19, 2018

It's a good thing to have lots of traffic on your website! Still, what good does all that traffic if you are not generating leads? This is exactly the reason why professionals rely on contact forms.

Forms are an integral part of every content marketing campaign. They usually consist of several questions and can often be found on landing pages. The objective is to obtain valuable contact information of the website's visitors.

Forms are not only perfectly suited for generating new leads, they are also great for getting to know already existing clients a little bit better. This additional information will enable your sales team to communicate more effectively with leads in the future.

However, think about the information that actually benefits your marketing and sales teams before you start designing forms. Basic information like name, email address or company are a no-brainer. Next to these basics you should ask some specific questions to learn more about the individual user. Interesting aspects in this regard are the marketing budget, the industry, the position in the company and the user's biggest challenges. This information allows you to identify and qualify the lead.

Attention! Two to three questions are great. If you ask too many questions, you run the risk of annoying the user. If the content you are offering is not downloaded despite traffic, you should consider adjusting your form as it may be the case that you are asking too much.

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