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Why Sales Should Bank on Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation

W4 | W4 / April 19, 2018

The introduction of inbound marketing and marketing automation brings with it many changes for both sales and marketing departments – as a team. This might be a challenge for sales staff especially, who often take a critical stance on the matter. To get them on board, reasonable change management and some good reasons are required. We have compiled five very good arguments:

  1. Cold calls have been traditionally a part of sales people's jobs. Thanks to inbound marketing and marketing automation, their focus can shift towards contacts already interested in your products and services. Expect conversion rates to soar.
  2. Inbound marketing and marketing automation are not a short-term trend. In the years to come more and more businesses will have to buy into these methods to remain competitive. First come, first served.
  3. Inbound marketing and marketing automation do not reinvent the wheel. Both methods take already existing knowledge as their foundation. They enable marketers and sales people to finally take full advantage of client information.
  4. Even though the implementation of a marketing automation solution requires a (manageable) investment, the software will pay off in the medium and long run. Work efficiency will be greatly improved and leads can be generated and qualified a lot faster and for less money.
  5. The ROI can be measured easily. You will see: better leads equals better ROI.

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