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How to Create Marketing Personas in 7 Steps

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Marketing personas are fictional, generalized prototypes of target groups. Businesses create them to pursue long-term goals in online marketing. Developed on the basis of marketing analysis data, the personas represent typical individual objectives, certain values and mirror the behavior of real clients and prospects from the company's data base. Companies are advised to invest enough time to develop and delineate the personas. The more clearly defined and the more realistic these profiles are, the more specific will be the marketing content created for individual personas. Clients and prospects will have a better experience because they get the information that suits their interests and individuals tastes.

The following from HubSpot created list of questions will assist you in taking on clients' perspectives in order to develop personas for your business:

1 Role in professional environment

✓ What is your job and what responsibilities do you have?

✓ What significance does your job have for you?

✓ What is your typical day like?

✓ What skills are required?

✓ What tools do you use?

✓ Who does report to you? To whom do you report?

2 Objectives

✓ What are your responsibilities?

✓ What does it mean to have success in your role?

3 Challenges

✓ What are the biggest challenges?

✓ How can you master these challenges?

4 Company / industry environment

✓ In which industry is your company active?

✓ What is the size of your business?

5 Further education

✓ Where do you learn new information?

✓ What blogs do you read?

✓ What associations and networks do you belong to?

6 Personal background

✓ Age

✓ Family

✓ Education

7 Shopping preferences

✓ What is your preferred way of contacting vendors (email, phone, in person)?

✓ Do you use the internet to research products and vendors? If yes, how do you search for information? What kinds of websites do you use?

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