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Increase Your Success Rate with Specific Objectives

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Objectives are distinctive guideposts for managers and employees. They set the bar against which companies measure their success. The more concrete the objectives are formulated and the more easily measurable the parameters were defined, the more conclusive will be the results. Marketing automation solutions collect a wide range of data on traffic, leads, revenue and more. To make the best of these insights, marketeers are advised to define the objectives for the use of marketing automation as concretely as possible.

Set Goals Using the SMART Principle

The SMART principle is perfectly suited to set concrete, measurable objectives – especially when the requirements are complex, span a long period of time and various people are involved.

S like specific

It goes without saying that marketing automation solutions are used to streamline personnel resources and increase profits. Feel encouraged to formulate your objectives more precisely than this. Set milestones and define operations with which you want to accomplish them. Keep in mind that your marketing automation objectives have to be aligned with your overall business strategy.

M like measurable

Use concrete numbers. How many conversion do you want to achieve with marketing automation? What reach, open rates and click through rates are necessary to accomplish an increase in sales by how many percent?

A like attractive and ambitious

Pay attention to motivating formulations. The objectives you set are supposed to give your staff a perspective for a successful and secure future. Make clear how marketing automation will facilitate processes and how resources can be used towards an increase in quality.

R like realistic

Businesses have to pay attention to the feasibility of their objectives with regard to the resources available to them. The goals should neither demand to little nor too much from staff. Set clearly defined and realistic objectives for both the business and individual staff members.

T like terminated

Define intermediate goals with deadlines. It is easier and less intimidating to keep sight of short periods of time. In defining intermediate objectives, you also have a chance to evaluate your overall process and can optimize your marketing operations if necessary.

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