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Influencer Campaigns Hit Home with Your Target Group

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Modern online marketing is hardly imaginable without influencer campaigns today. Social media thought leaders reach a wide range of users. Their influence can be used to authentically advertise products as well as communicate brand messages. A new study by G + J e | MS empirically shows the effects of influencer campaigns for the first time.

The study included qualitative surveys in the form of expert interviews and quantitative surveys. In addition to marketing experts and influencers, followers were interviewed for the first time as well. By doing so, the study could measure the impact of influencers'a the social media channels.

How should the cooperations be designed?

Above all, the campaigns must be credible according to 85 percent of respondents. They should also be useful, informative and up-to-date. Product recommendations and presentations usually fare well with the audience. This kind of information stays with followers longer than cooperation information or calls to participate in something.

What are the effects of influencer campaigns?

The most important aspect is attention. Influencers can reach very many followers in short period of time time. They usually address a certain group of users with their channels. Thus, when companies opt for cooperating with an influencer, they can reach the desired target group with the right influencer. According to the G + J study, a brand's influencer campaigns can generate an increase in attention of 34.8 percent. Brand awareness can thus be increased by an average of 17.3 percent.

Furthermore, influencers communicate with their followers on a more personal level. This proximity is also transferred to the brand to build a stronger relationship. Followers will see a brand in a more positive light and become emotionally engaged. In addition, influencer campaigns can also increase the willingness to buy from a brand by up to 29 percent.

Which recommendations can be derived from these insights?

The study shows that Influencer Marketing can benefit brands. The thought leaders of social media channels are predestined as brand ambassadors because they reach a great number of people and may transfer their authentic image to the brand they cooperate with. However, it is important to note the following into consideration before starting an influencer campaign:

select the right influencer for your brand (target group = followers?)
number of followers, views, style, comments, interaction rate
the influencer's use of social media channels
influencer has to be thoroughly briefed on products, content and the publication schedule

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