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Instagram Business Benefits Digital Marketing

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Instagram follows the steps of Facebook and launches Instagram Business with three new marketing features.

Changing an individual profile to a business profile does not require much effort. The only requirement is a business profile on Facebook. After the transformation, contact data and information about the business can be added for interested users. New features such as statistics and promoted posts facilitate marketing on Instagram. Both have the purpose of getting to know the needs of users better and to communicate to them based on their interests.

Creating a business profile on Instagram

1. Open you user profile
2. Select settings (the gearwheel symbol)
3. Here you can select “switch to business profile”
4. Link Instagram with your Facebook Fanpage
5. Instagram will subsequently import the business data from Facebook automatically
6. Tap “done” to save the imported data
7. You can make changes or add information anytime. Simply select the gearwheel symbol and go from there

Statistics on Instagram

Who are your followers and which postings do they like the best? Statistics are displayed as diagrams and can be accessed on your business profile. Instagram shows your how often posts were viewed during the last 7 days (impressions, reach). It also provides an overview of the people who have looked at your profile the past week – including information on age, gender and activity. Instagram also identifies the most popular post.

Promote posts / create campaigns

Similarly to the “boost post” feature on Facebook, Instagram also has a promotion feature. Calls-to-action can be added to already published posts and linked to an external source.

Contact data can be included flexibly in the promoted images. Either Instagram suggests a target audience or it can be defined individually according to demographic and geographic criteria. Budget and running time are selected in the final step.

Germany tests Instagram Business

Instagram wants to roll-out business profiles world-wide by the end of the year. Businesses from Germany can already use the new features. This presents a great new way for marketing to reach potential customers with selected images. Instagram and Facebook campaigns generate traffic on websites and offers.
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