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Integrated Marketing - How to Generate Leads

W4 | W4 / May 28, 2021

"Let's do business together, I'm buying!" is the most desired closing phrase of all forms of canvassing. Anyone who works on the very front line knows: classic client acquisition methods and conventional advertising no longer offer any guarantee of attracting new customers successfully. As a result, Marketing 2.0 offers the best possible means of keeping sales communication open.The following is still incontestable:

The majority of particularly investment-intense business is made via personal contacts. Experts know that ideal B2B marketing operates on several channels simultaneously. E-mails, newsletters, websites and personal contact are great options to keep in touch, encourage interest and arrange appointments. Often, field sales staff are inadequately supported by their marketing tools or the established communication strategies give them too little assistance in arranging urgently needed new appointments.

This is so because many companies do not recognize the long-term potential that can be leveraged from the integrative use of the latest communication channels. They launch advertising campaigns, send brochures and commission call centers - yet without any long-term success. As a result, they miss the opportunity to continuously cultivate relationships with new customers .

A comparison of personal marketing

Everyone wants lasting contacts with new customers. The W4 Contact Center helps you with this.

A classical call center simply telephones address lists. As a full-service agency, W4 has a much wider range with its integrated Marketing 2.0 approach. Of course, the primary goal is to arrange as many appointments as possible with customers. But unlike other short-term B2B campaigns that often run independently of each other, we can expand the range of marketing activities to suit your needs.

This means that future customers will approached continuously and sustainably using various marketing tools. For example when you place a product-specific Google AdWord campaign, we will optimize your website so that you can generate new leads. The lead is then processed and qualified. Following this, we arrange an appointment for the field sales team via dedicated communication tools.

Our experience has shown that this unique, integrated approach is particularly suitable for customer recruitment for clients offering:

  • complex services
  • consultancy services
  • products with long sales cycles
  • products that require explanation

Would you like to learn more? Click here for more information.

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