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Less Randomness, More Originality: Build Awareness with Illustrations

W4 | W4 / April 19, 2018
Once you have spent some time browsing the internet, you will have experienced a few deja-vu moments: I know this image from a different context. Stockphotos are a popular means when deadlines are close and budgets are tight. The issue: Everyone else can use them: Only illustrations are as unique as your brand and products. 

Visual Information Hits Home

Studies reveal that the human brain is much better at processing information when it is visually interesting. Humans take less than 1/10 of a second to get the sense of a visual scene (Semetko & Scammel (2012) The SAGE Handbook of Political Communication, SAGE Publications). Studies furthermore indicate that color visuals increase the willingness to read by an astonishing 80% (Green, R. (1989). The Persuasive Properties of Color, Marketing Communications). This widely known fact is of course used by creators of content around the globe. Since 2007, the use of visualized information on the internet has increased by 9900% (Google Trends). That implies a dilemma: You want your information to be received by as many people as possible. But how are you going to stick out from the ever-increasing flood of images?

A visual language tailored to your brand can be created in two ways: You can either pay a photographer (along with a studio, stylist etc.) or you hire an illustrator who does not need much beyond pen and paper. Furthermore, illustrations have the advantage that they allow abstraction. Why not present something rather mundane in a playful or artistic manner?

Illustrations Have Recognition Value

Illustrations enjoy renewed popularity these days. This might be due to a certain retro trend, but illustrations are more than an old alternative to photography. And by the way: The retro aspect is largely about the look or the work of drawing itself. Nowadays, illustrations can be digital as well thanks to drawing pads. Those are usually used for vector graphics that are indefinitely scalable. Apart from that, illustrations can be used in various contexts:

Teeming pictures 

One big picture and a great many details. A teeming picture is full of different ideas, aspects and perspectives. The human mind is invited to take a little adventure by discovering the many details that reveal themselves upon close inspection. This is a great way of mediating information coupled with a great deal of entertainment and humor.


People can remember information better when it is part of a larger story. A comic can tell the story of your brand in a memorable, entertaining way. But the possibilities are plentiful: Why not turn instructions to products and serves into charming comics?

Illustrated videos

Videos put the focus on what is important and mediate information in a clear and imaginative manner. Other than that, they need a much lower budget than a live video shoot that involves a lot of equipment, actors, camera operators, stylists and much more.


Studies reveal that people are more likely to follow instructions when they come with illustrations by 323% (Levie & Lentz (1982). Effects of Text Illustrations: A Review of Research, Educational Communication and Technology). They are also more easily convinced by arguments when these arguments are presented along with visuals. In our time of information overload, it is important to make information available in a way that is easy to grasp. Infographics are an ideal way to achieve this: Details are presented in the context of a bigger picture. Lucidity and intelligibility meet entertainment – that is the ideal for a great infographic.


There is no movie without a storyboard. They visualize important scenes and their overall mood in a few comic-like panels. Storyboards are of great help for the director, camera people and actors on set. This saves valuable time and if one thing Hollywood has taught us it is that time is money!

Our service

From advertisements to video: We recognize a good illustration when we see one. Our team of illustrators and graphic designers will give your brand the visual language it deserves. Get in touch!


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