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Marketing technology – What to consider

W4 | W4 / September 5, 2018

There is an abundance of marketing technology to be found: it almost seems as if new developments that lure marketeers with attractive functionalities and thrilling features emerge on a daily base. The temptation to use as many of these innovations as possible is enormous. However, the selection of products should be considered carefully.

There are indeed intelligent tools which tremendously enhance marketing projects and simultaneously minimize your workload. Here is what you should keep in mind:

  • The parallel and uncoordinated implementation of a variety of products may complicate your campaigns.

Problems arise for example when the tools in use are of no or only of limited compatibility. If information is not transferred automatically and smoothly between applications, it can lead to data congestion. This may be the case when a simultaneous implementation of marketing and analysis tools is not orchestrated thoroughly enough. Due to the arising inconsistency, additional manual work is needed, which in turn not only causes loss of time, but also extreme frustration.

  • You should be absolutely clear as to which technologies are profitable for you and will serve your specific goals

When choosing the right technology solutions, you should consider your company’s goals, the relevant industry as well as specific traits of your target groups. If you want to optimize your online visibility and create new leads, you should pick the marketing automation software HubSpot. If you are on the other hand looking for an efficient way to manage your products on different channels, a professional information management (PIM) should be your choice.

Worthwhile technology

There are a few products, from which you will profit in any case – if you know how to apply them correctly. One of these is the frontend library React. The java script framework lets you create interactive user interfaces in a quick and simple manner. By now, React has long since become a part of modern website design. If you are eager for more information on the functionalities of React, take a look at our detailed articleAnyone who is in online commerce cannot manage without a professional product information management. With the help of a PIM, you are able to consolidate all product data into one centralized application. This signifies the end of tedious and crowded database systems and helps you to a centrally coordinated, unified presentation of your products on all channels. Since the tool is working with integrated import- and export engines, it is usually no problem to connect the PIM to existing applications or third-party software. That way, all relevant data from connected applications will be collected automatically and subsequently transferred to where they are needed.

The right tools

In the end, even the most innovative technologies will only be useful when you know how to apply them to your advantage. More often than not, the promise of efficiency and simplicity is enough to convince you of a product’s merits. However, the implementation of applications may be more complicated than it seems at first glance. Consequently, you should always feel certain about how a specific piece of technology is going to optimize your marketing activities. Only then can you achieve a positive result. The flood of ever evolving marketing technology may seem overwhelming, but seeking out the right tools is rewarding. Once you have found them, you will without a doubt benefit from the advantages they provide. If you require assistance, we are glad to provide you with respective advice.

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