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Mobile Presence for Your Corporate Communication

The mobile market is shifting into turbo gear: Every other mobile phone sold in Germany is a smartphone, while the sales of tablets (e.g. iPads) are also developing very rapidly. Not least because the possibility of mobile internet is taking on more and more of a supporting role in presentations and sales.

The economy is reacting to the changing user behavior as more and more companies are publishing their own apps. Enterprise apps are employed as a cost-effective tool for objectives in marketing and sales. Their inherent permanent availability and potential reach are a great way to strategically use the new communication channel for customer care and acquisition. Experts are predicting tremendous opportunities for years to come. An obvious prerequisite is, as with any marketing tool, that the app is backed by a clear strategy.

Objectives and use of enterprise apps

  • Image rejuvenation
  • Increased sales through customer loyalty, customer acquisition
  • Cost cutting
  • Documentation for sales
  • Medium for presenting state-of-the-art products and services
  • Integration of corporate databases (ERP, PIM, CMS, etc.)

Contents of enterprise apps

Company apps provide customers and partners with individual, valuable—and above all unique—content, such as product catalogues, sales aids or digital print products like annual reports while adding a special value. In contrast to usual apps, enterprise apps are constantly connected with peripheral systems that contain metadata or the entire data. Apps can be set up as

• ERP systems with the designation of prices, item numbers, descriptions in multiple languages

• PIM systems (product information management systems) with embedded images and descriptions

• content management systems

In addition to the peripheral systems, you can integrate additional functions such as configuration processes, selection tools and reporting tools (generate offers). In addition, the user expects an app to contain multimedia elements such as films, controllers or animated graphics.

Native app and web app in comparison


+ Use of device-specific functions: essential for call to action, SMS, GPS

+ Accessible online and offline

+ Higher interactivity: important for regular and personalised use, e.g. organiser, games


+ Less effort and lower cost: simpler and one-time programming.

- App is not available in the Apple App Store

W4 app solution for iPhone, iPad and Android

W4 has developed a solution allowing the "standing matter" to be retained. This way it is no problem transferring the entire printed communication from recent years into the app system and supplementing it with additional features such as a search function and links.


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