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New Leads! How to Proceed?

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Marketing automation systems increase conversion rates by a double digit percentage. If prospects show a genuine interest in buying a product, it is time for a more targeted, personal approach. But what is better: a phone call or an email? 

Both approaches can lead to conversions. Still, both have their advantages and disadvantages. The following parameters will help to make a decision:

•    Degree of personal contact
•    Reachability
•    Information density
•    Appointments

Method 1: phone call

Old school sales persons prefer the telephone over the email because the contact is more immediate. Personal introduction, detailed needs analysis and making appointments can all be handled in a single conversation.

Degree of personal contact

A real, personal conversation intensifies the connection between customer and organization much more than an email.


Ideally, the contact answers the phone. However, sometimes a sales person may only reach the mailbox or a colleague. This failure to make contact may continue and prolong the sales process indefinitely. Try to keep the sales process alive.

Information density

Sales people can directly answer questions and address the client's needs during a phone conversation. The sales person can also adjust the previously outlined sales strategy ad hoc. However, too much information can also overwhelm customers, which is why sales persons should focus on the most important things.


Appointments can be made directly and without any time delay.

Method 2: email

Ever since inbound marketing has also become a concern of sales departments, email has become a viable option to approach customers directly. Emails have the advantage that they give customers time to throughly consider a sales person's offer. Because the offer is available in written form and there is no time pressure, clients also can consult internally.

Degree of personal contact

The sound of a sympathetic voice can be replaced with a friendly photo in the email's footer as well as a text body that lets customers know that the offer is tailored to their needs. All in all, email conversations take more time and are less direct.


There is the risk of ending up in the customer's spam folder. Moreover, people usually receive a lot of mails, which is why the offer might fail to get the recipient's full attention. If there is no reaction to an email, a second and third mailing should be systemically planned. The advantage of emails is that they can be read at any given time of the day.

Information density

Human beings are better at processing visual information than sounds. The offer, which should be tailored to the clients needs, can be in much more detail than during a phone call. Moreover, the email can also contain images, which increases a product's recognition value.


Appointments can hardly be discussed directly in an email. This is why sales people should indicate a time span during which a meeting could take place. The easiest way is to announce a phone call to make an appointment in person.

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