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Product information management featuring Artificial Intelligence

W4 | W4 / October 10, 2018

The departments of production, sales and marketing are often working with different data silos. Varying or faulty entries are hardly a rarity. Due to the ongoing digitalization, ever more channels are being added, which need to be tended to: your own website, an external online shop, apps or social media – all data has to be consistent. Nowadays customers do not only use one channel when informing themselves about a product. It is neither professional nor reassuring if the information you provide varies from channel to channel. On the contrary: it clearly stands in the way of a successful buying decision.

Why do I need a PIM?

With the help of a professional product information management solution (PIM), you are able to consolidate all product data in one centralized application. Relevant data from all existing data silos is made available. Data you maintain in your PIM can be exported to different channels in a flexible and quick manner. We previously introduced you to some clues that hint at it being high time for a PIM.

Artificial intelligence and PIM – next level data management

It is fairly obvious that a PIM is a real advantage for every company. The integration of artificial intelligence is the next development towards an optimized, efficient and automated product information management. We are able to complement and automate PIM systems of each manufacturer with AI algorithms.

You can read more on this topic in our complimentary whitepaper:

Download white paper here

Crucial advantages at a glance:

  • Easy to integrate into already existent PIM environments
  • High product quality for customers and staff
  • The latest product information is quickly accessible
  • Simplification of data management
  • No need for double data maintenance
  • Short product introduction period
  • Saving of resources
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Fewer returns and complaints
  • Etc.

Our service:
As a platform, W4 offers you the most recent marketing and AI technologies, which tremendously simplify and optimize your data management processes. We will be happy to advise you on all possibilities, which a professional product information management supported by AI offers. Get in touch with us!

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