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Online Advertising: choosing the right ad type

W4 | W4 / October 17, 2018

It really is no secret: digital advertisement has long since overtaken printed media. Due to the immense and sheer endless possibilities of digital advertisement, brand communication is becoming increasingly diverse. It is this complexity that has to be taken into account whenever one thinks about using digital advertisement formats. Not every type is always suitable. Whether the desired effects can be achieved and the target audience reached with the right message is dependent on the respective stage of every user in the buyer’s journey.

choosing the right moment in the sales funnel

Generally, the combination between the respective stage in the sales funnel and the choice of ad type plays an important role. Therefore, different methods have to be employed in order to reach users in the awareness stage or to gain those who are already making up their mind to buy a product. Which ad type should consequently be used at what time to be able to guarantee a smooth customer experience?

Display ads

This classic version of online advertisement serves as the perfect basis in nearly every stage of the sales funnel. Nevertheless, it is usually particularly successful in the awareness stage. Repeating ads like for example banner ads strengthen the recognition value and pave the way for the employment of more particular ad formats. If the user recognizes the already known brand for example in a sponsored content ad in a newsfeed, the chance for conversion is tremendously improved.

Native ads

Users that already know your brand have to be fed new content continuously in order to pave the way to a successful buying decision. That’s where native ads come in. It is not primarily about presenting your own products but about developing and strengthening the brand image. Suitable stories and background information give the users interesting information and complement the brand image. The ads seamlessly integrate into the respective platforms and are therefore hardly ever directly detected as advertisement. Native ads are particularly successful in the late stages of a buyer’s journey, since they provide an interesting and comprehensive background for already known brand content.

Ad specials

Special ads guarantee attention. Thanks to their particular form or design, they contrast to the surroundings and therefore attract the user’s attention. Innovative ideas or interactive elements evoke the user’s attention while the brand image is boosted thanks to the “fun-factor”. Ad specials can be used in any stage of the sales funnel. However, they are particularly effective when it comes to attracting attention, consequently they are best used in the awareness stage.

Mobile advertising

It goes without saying that content as well as ads have to be developed with responsive design so that they are optimized for the display on mobile devices, too. The number of users that go online on their smartphones or tablets has been continuously growing. Therefore, it is indeed recommendable to include ads that are developed specifically for the display on mobile devices. Touch or move ads help to exploit the full potential of a smartphone’s functionalities: they react to interaction with the touchscreen or movement of the whole device. Interactive elements make the ads more effective in any stage of the sales funnel.

Pay attention to correct surroundings

Of course, any type of ad has to be used in the correct surrounding. Users who for example surf on the webpage of a football club are potentially interested in sports clothes. The same ads on a page for animal nutrition is in contrast more or less pointless. Due to the gathering of user data, a personalized display of the ads is possible. This is much more effective than a generic display.

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