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Personalize Your Communication

W4 | W4 / April 19, 2018

The winners in online marketing have left “We have everything for everyone” behind a long time ago and replaced it with a new motto: “We have exactly what you're looking for.” Approaching (potential) customers with tailor-made messages is the new way of doing business. If you know what a client wants, there is no use in putting your whole catalogue on the table. Rather, open your catalogue and show exactly the product in demand. Thanks to new marketing tools, this is as easy as never before. Let's talk about a new trend, let's talk about Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation denotes the strategic work with software platforms that link data from data banks, web controlling, communication, workflows and CRM-sychronization. This happens in a way that automates the communication to customers and leads in a personalized manner.

Generic sales messages have long ago become useless among the mass of offers competing for attention on the internet. Relevancy, conversion and revenue can only be attained through personalization nowadays.

Multi channel marketing has become a common solution that works even better if the available channels can be tailored to a customer's needs.

Intelligent Analysis of Data

Intelligent data analysis is key. Marketing Automation analyzes existing information on clicks, downloads, video views and other client-related data in order to create dynamic lead profiles that allow a tailor-made sales approach with relevant messages on the relevant channels.

A good Marketing Automation system serves various customers on various levels of the customer journey in relation to their needs and interests. This way, the marketing and sales departments play into each other's hands.

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The software automatically manages the existing marketing processes on the basis of the individual user profiles and analyses. This means that the software makes the existing marketing processes more efficient and more sustainable.

Interest Profile Reveals Digital Body Language

Webtracking documents and analyzes user behavior. It registers, which offers from which company a user engages, which newsletters a customer opens and which links s/he clicks.

All we have to do is to learn to read the traces a user leaves on the internet and use them for business. Everything that a customer likes or dislikes is essential for a personalized marketing campaign. The Marketing Automation platform gathers all data and conducts detailed analyses.

It is not sufficient to only record data once. Name, address, date of birth, company and job position have to be augmented dynamically with indirect information such as interests and purchasing behavior. The more detailed the information, the more specific will be the communication.

How Does an Enterprise Website Have to Perform?

Your enterprise website is the central information hub of the company. This means that all channels you use link to the website. In order to avoid an overstuffed website, it is important to concentrate on the important information such as product data, contact information and information on the company. Campaign content is best placed on landing pages and in newsletters.

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