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Professional Data Inquiry – Learn More about Potential Clients

W4 | W4 / April 19, 2018

Generating a lead is one thing, qualifying the lead is something else. Let us look at the details: the main objective is to get relevant data in a way the user does not feel scrutinized and decides to go someplace else. A common phenomenon: the more data inquiries, the higher the bounce rates. This is why it is important to only ask for the most important data.

Getting information about users is usually done with a form on a website, blog or landing page. Users – i.e. potential clients – give away data in exchange for access to vouchers, webinars, white papers or other exclusive content. The deal is simple: we get your data and you get useful content. Great offers will get valuable data.

Professional lead qualification requires planning. When do I want to obtain what data from clients? What can I offer at what moment in time? How do I keep clients engaged over time? A though-out strategy is all that matters.

Professional lead qualification should be integrated into the buyer's journey. Progressive profiling (successive data inquiry) allows marketers to qualify leads step by step while minimizing the risk of losing them.

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