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Marketing Automation: Really a Miracle Weapon?

W4 | W4 / April 19, 2018

What do you think: Is marketing only a trend that no one will talk about anymore in a few months? Or do you think that companies should invest sooner or later in new software if their marketing is to produce an increase in revenue? Currently, companies using marketing automation have an increase in qualified leads of more than 450 percent! 

Marketing automation is…

… more than just a trend. Even though it is a recent development that marketing automation has become marketers' weapon of choice, the benefit of strategically uniting various marketing disciplines in one software solution is undeniable. The main objective remains the same: grow prospects, generate leads, make sales.

Marketing automation is…

… more than a downloadable white paper. Marketing automation is an approach that uses many sub-disciplines to the benefit of your company. Social media, SEO, lead nurturing as well as creative and one-of-a-kind content are all managed in one solution.

However, marketing automation does not think for you. Test, test, test! Always keep an eye on your marketing activities and try out different variants. This is the only way you can react to new developments and continuously optimize the measures you have taken.

Marketing automation…

… will not make you a success over night. If you expect an eye-popping increase in turnover within a short period of time, you should think of a different solution. If your are, however, interested in long-term growth and a steady increase in quality leads, in using your resources more effectively and enhancing your sales department's productivity, marketing automation is a perfect fit for you: less effort, more sales!

Marketing automation is…

… not a system that works on its own. Every system needs employees that keep it up and running, such as IT and marketing departments. Moreover, a good deal of knowledge is important as well in order to be successful. A single employee, even experienced, cannot do it alone. Marketing automation is and remains team work.

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