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Responsive Content – Publish User-Oriented Content

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

We do not go, we live online. Desktop and mobile devices have an equal share of online traffic nowadays. We look approximately 150 times a day on our smartphone to look for information, interact with friends and family and to generally stay up-to-date with the goings-on in the world.

Imagine the different situations during which you experience these 150 micro-moments. And then ask yourself whether you react the same way to each information in every moment.

Let us consider three scenarios:

1. You check the news you have subscribed on your way to work.

2. You google information on a work-related topic because you are talking about the very topic in a meeting.

3. While you watch a semi-interesting movie on television, you remember that you received a newsletter in the afternoon that you wanted to check out.

As you can see, we often switch between desktop and mobile during the day. Moreover, the ability as well as the willingness to take in information various throughout the day.

Solution: Multi Device Strategy

Using the statistic tools of your marketing automation solution, you know when people visited your pages, which device they use and for how long they visited your pages.

Use this information to develop your multi device strategy – a content strategy centered on perfect timing.

You find the ideal time to publish certain content on the corresponding devices.

Not only timing but usability is important as well. Videos should be available on all channels. Long blog posts should be presented in an appropriate font size and be structured so that readers have no trouble to orient themselves. Responsive design is key.

This could mean:

1. The morning news from your business are kept short and on point, possibly combined with a nice info graphic that you could link on Twitter. This way, you feed users information that they can actually stomach in the early morning hours.

2. The extensive product information for a new enterprise software is best published in the late morning hours. Your prospects now usually are at their desks in front of a big screen. They moreover have the concentration to take in complex information.

3. You send a newsletter about your product in the afternoon: headline, teaser, images, benefits and a link to a promotion video showcasing all benefits in two minutes make up the email. You should also include a link to the more detailed product information page you published in the morning. People on their way home and people still at work therefore find information that suits their current situation.

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