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Rich Customer Experiences Generate More Leads

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

There have never been as many ways to create and share appealing content for lead generation as today: a large number of media and communication channels are ready to be used by companies to create awareness as well to generate and nurture leads. Interactive content will play an increasingly important role in doing so.

Content that is not only presented to users but asks them to actively engage is much more memorable and shared more frequently on social media. This increased awareness and engagement will generate more leads and conversions for your business. In the following, we show you some types of interactive content that you might want to consider in future content marketing activities. For each type of interactive content, we will also indicate for which stage of the customer journey it is suited the best. The customer journey can be divided into the three stages awareness, consideration and decision.

Interactive content is user-centered

The difference between passive content (e.g. blog and website texts or videos) and interactive content is that the latter provides the user with an individual experience. The user does not more or less passively consume content but is actively involved by either discovering information on their terms or by contributing to the content through their engagement.

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Quizzes / assessments

People like to compare themselves with others. A quiz is fun and usually provides some form of insight at the end. Quizzes and assessments can be used in both B2B and B2C marketing. Relatively easy to create and easy to use, they are often shared across social networks. They might also be used to improve service quality, for example as a decision aid in the selection of a service or product.

Customer Journey: Quizzes and assessments are very useful during the awareness stage. Under certain conditions, they may provide added value during the consideration and decision stage as well.

Interactive infographics

Infographics are generally considered highly shareable content. That is why there has been almost an overabundance of them in recent years. Hence it is becoming increasingly difficult to wow users with infographics - unless they are interactive. Interactive infographics allow users to view individual elements such as charts or images in more detail by clicking them. The information can also be presented as a digital journey. The Washington Post, for example, enables users to digitally climb the Mount Everest and learn a lot while doing so.

Customer Journey: An informative, fun and entertaining infographic is ideal for attracting traffic to your website. If done well, it will spread almost by itself. Therefore, interactive infographics are best used during the awareness stage.


Calculators are suitable for presenting fact-based probable results. An electricity or insurance provider could, for example, offer an online calculator that shows users if and how much money they would save if they changed providers.

Customer Journey: Calculators are not the best tool to attract as much attention as possible. But they are a very good instrument for the consideration stage, in which leads are nurtured in preparation for the decision stage.


Product configurators are great interactive service elements that enable solutions tailored to the needs of individual customers. They also make life easier for everyone involved once they are up and running. Marketing and sales receive valuable information about the needs of customers via configurators, which simplifies the lead qualification a lot.

Customer Journey: Configurators have their greatest impact during the decision stage.

Interactive white papers / ebooks

White papers and ebooks are often confused. Essentially, both forms of publication are concerned with conveying more or less detailed information. In-depth information is in a particularly bad spot due to decreasing attention spans. Emphasizing graphic, clickable elements can keep things interesting by giving users the opportunity to discover information on their own terms. By clicking on graphic elements, for example, further information about a topic is presented. Also, various media such as short animations or audio files can be integrated. The company benefits by being able to track exactly what information is relevant to users and hence learns from users' interactions with the content.

Customer Journey: In-depth information is particularly valuable during the consideration stage, but can also be used during the awareness stage.

Sweepstakes / games

People like to be entertained and they like to receive gifts. Sweepstakes and games are ideal for attracting attention and creating positive experiences.

Customer Journey: Games can have a big impact during the awareness stage.

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Interactive content of the highest order: Virtual reality allows users to dive into a completely different world. Only real life is more interactive than the immersive experience offered by virtual reality. However, it takes a lot of effort to produce this type of content. Users also have to meet certain technical requirements (i.e. VR glasses). Augmented reality is currently easier to realize since users only need a smartphone. Augmented reality enhances the real world digitally through the use of the smartphone screen. It can be used to create entertaining games or as a service for people who want to see the effects of a product in their life before they buy it, for example when looking for new furniture. Read more here.

Customer Journey: Augmented and Virtual Reality can generate a lot of attention when done right. This type of content might also be useful during the consideration stage.

Our service: W4 is happy to assist you in the development and creation of interactive content. From creation to realization, you receive all services from a single source. Contact us.

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