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Kiss Text Wastelands Goodbye: Give Customers Something to Look at

W4 | W4 / April 19, 2018
How much time do you spend on creating content? And how much time do you invest in the way the content is presented (design, layout)? 

Be remembered

All your content, from blog posts to white papers to infographics, should fit the company's corporate design. Integrate your logo in the header of your white paper or your newsletter. Great logos have great recognition value and are therefore perfectly suited to brand your content.

Be advised to use images and videos to showcase your products and services. Imagery containing human beings is always a good choice here. Not only is this a great way to evoke emotions, but also to showcase the products and services as applicable solutions.

Another important issue is choice of color. Increase your recognition value by using the company's colors. Colors are also great to highlight important text passages.

Readability matters

Pay attention to font size so that your readers do not have a hard time reading your content. This applies to headlines and paragraphs as well. They give readers orientation. Headlines with suitable keywords are furthermore beneficial to search engine optimization.

Moreover, keep to your corporate font. Such visual elements play a part in building recognition value.

Focus on content

Structure and navigation are the key to success. Let go of superfluous design elements such as sidebars so that you do not divert readers' attention from the actual content.

However, this is a bit different for landing pages containing forms. Here, you should forgo navigation elements completely! After all, you want the user to complete the form instead of clicking on other links and navigation elements.

As you can see, it pays off to mind the visual aspects of creating and publishing content. Not only are optimized contents ranked better on search engines, they also ensure readers' attention.

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