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Seasonal Business Greetings with Marketing Automation

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

The topic is as certain as the egg nog in your cup: corporate holiday greetings. It is not the worst of all marketing tasks, but late November and early December tend to be the most eventful months of the year. Thanks to modern marketing technology, however, the additional stress caused by seasonal greetings can be reduced a great deal.

Is contact information still up-to-date? Do all contacts in your data base receive seasonal greetings or do you want to differentiate between more and less active clients? In a later step, the CRM has to be transferred to Excel. This is often where chaos kicks in: Are there contacts that are listed more than once? Are all aspects of the contact information in the right place (i.e. gender, language etc.)?

Rejoice, because this season can be different: marketing automation solutions will make you forget these ghosts of Christmas past. This is how:

1. All contact information in stored in a single system that both sales and marketing work with. This means you do not have to merge various data bases to prepare your mailing list. Simply create an address list for your seasonal business greetings and select the contacts your want to include in the mailing.

2. All contact information is up-to-date as the system is automatically synchronized with the CRM.

3. There are no “twin contacts” in your system.

4. Once you have completed the mailing, the delivery of each mail per contact is transparent. Therefore you know who received and who actually opened their mail.

5. Your contacts speak different languages? No problem at all with marketing automation!

People already working with HubSpot, Act-on, Eloqua or other marketing automation software can consider themselves lucky. Everyone else now knows what they want for Christmas :)

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