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Share Point: Usability-Based Web Design for Enjoyable & Efficient Work

W4 | W4 / April 18, 2018
Nowadays, intranet is just as essential to companies as their own website. But as with websites, the best technology alone isn't enough to make a good platform. What matters is the functional interaction of technology and design. If both work in unison, an intranet site can benefit the whole business. In the worst-case scenario, however, it is hardly used, its potential is not exploited and entire work processes are delayed. We show you why a good layout is the icing on the cake of every SharePoint! 

The Starting Point

For almost all companies, the intranet is more than just a helpful tool. Implemented correctly, it incorporates numerous functions that contribute to a company's success:

  • Exchange of information
  • Communication
  • Administration
  • Exchange of Data & Data Storage
  • Organization

However, many intranet sites are like an underestimated colleague, affable and an authority in his field, but lacking the ability to draw attention to his good qualities. From his clothing to the manner in which he presents his work, he fails to impress his interlocutors. He never receives the recognition he deserves.

Even where a company's intranet site is based on the most up-to-date technologies, it is far from guaranteed that it meets the needs of its actual users. They want access to the information they seek quickly and easily. It needs to be user friendly, which can only be achieved by fine tuning its technology and design.

While this may sound extremely simple in theory, it is far too rarely attained. Why is that?

The Challenge

The companies themselves naturally have the best of intentions. They generally want the best intranet they can get for their business and are willing to invest accordingly.

To this end, they prioritize the technical design. Internal or external certified Microsoft specialists work on implementing the most sophisticated solutions. This is a good starting point, as these technical aspects form the foundation of every good web portal.

But this is only one side of the coin. What is needed is a user-friendly layout that allows users to take full advantage of the intranet's potential. However, many companies place far too little emphasis on the layout's usability in their corporate design guidelines. While simple, meaningful structures and easily comprehensible navigation may have become the norm on professional Internet sites, many companies' intranet sites live in the shadows. This is a mistake that should be resolved as quickly as possible!

The Solution

Microsoft Share Point Knowhow + Layout/Design = Success

When a company wants to integrate its intranet site into its existing processes, it is important that the company works with certified Microsoft Share Point specialists and layout artists. The interaction between them can make or break any such project.

If an intranet site is to contribute to a company's success, the users should enjoy using it. Staff members should feel as confident and at home on the intranet portal as they do at their own desk. They should be able to find what they need quickly and easily.

It`s all about perspective...

The structure of the intranet site must be designed from the perspective of users. Users primarily comprise managers and team members and, in the case of extranet sites, customers and business partners. The key question for every design should be:

How can the users find what they need in as few clicks as possible?

This requires the support of highly qualified Microsoft specialists. They provide valuable input, devise comprehensive Share Point concepts and develop promising strategies. Their experience is worth its weight in gold!

...and appearance.

Try to view things through the eyes of users. Graphic design can lighten up a website, but it can also be counter-productive if it is done the wrong way. A professional design will appeal to users and encourage them to exploit the full potential of the intranet.

Design elements also have a huge impact on users' enjoyment during visits to the site. You should make your users feel as comfortable as possible. And don't forget to ensure a balance between outcome, effort and costs at all times. The following rule applies: just because it would be nice to have something does not mean that it makes sense economically.

What we offer: W4-Share Point WebDesign

We can produce a made-to-measure, efficiency-based design for your intranet. To this end, W4 will draw up several possible variants, in cooperation with your Microsoft specialist. These can be tested for usability acceptance, complexity and technical feasibility to find the optimum solution for Share Point.

In collaboration with certified Microsoft partners, we will implement an intranet that complements your company's work processes. This will enable your employees to find information and data for current projects much faster, which in turn will boots productivity and increase profit margins.

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