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Social Media Marketing Does Not Always Require a Budget

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook: Social media are not only about image cultivation, but more importantly reach. Regular algorithm updates impede on making contact and communication more and more. Notwithstanding it is not always necessary to invest into advertising features to reach (potential) clients. There are some things that can be optimized for free (although some time and effort are required):


Social media are not made for active marketing. Do not openly advertise, but offer content with added value instead. Your follower and fans will recognize you as competent, regularly interact with your posts and therefore increase your reach. There is no better way of raising awareness.


Every target group communicates differently. To be on the save side, do some A/B testing with your teaser texts and see what works best with the desired demographic.


The moment of publication matters a great deal in terms of reach. Here is some statistical knowledge on the best times to post something on social media:


- 3 tweets per day

- best time: Mondays through Thursdays between 9AM and 1PM


- 2 posts per day

- best time: every day from 1PM to 4PM


- 3 posts per day

- best time: Mondays through Thursdays from 9AM to 10AM


- 2 posts per day

- best time: Wednesday and Thursday 2PM to 5PM


- 1 post per day

- best time: Tuesdays through Thursdays 5PM to 6PM


- 2 posts per week

- best time: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9AM to 11AM


In order to identify individual posting times, do some A/B testing.

Images & videos

More images, more reach. The same rule can be applied to videos, especially on Facebook. Images simple catch users' attention better.

Act & react

Communicate with your followers in real-time. Show them that there are real human beings willing to help on the other end of the line.

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