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Successful Marketing from Human to Human

W4 | W4 / April 19, 2018

From business to business or from business to consumer: these devisions have dominated marketing for a long time. However, a business does not sell anything, it does not have emotion, it does not interact. Humans are always on both sides of the line, the monitor, the sales conversation. There is no arguing about it: those who underline their human side appear more authentic and establish long-lasting relationships to other human beings. This circumstance can also be very influential in marketing: Welcome to H2H marketing! Inbound marketing is all about great content. This is why people do not want to hear a sales pitch from a faceless enterprise. They research information themselves online in order to make an informed purchasing decision. This means that clients approach a business with a good amount of prior knowledge. Inbound marketing in the spirit of H2H therefore always keeps the following things in mind:

  • Desire: whether it is the desire to be a part of something (e.g. fashion trends etc.) or the desire to work more efficiently – as soon as the desire becomes to hard to ignore, customers are ready to buy.
  • Personas: Get a clear picture of who your clients are. If you know the desires of you clients, you will be able to address them much better. How do they prefer to interact?
  • Search: Many things are important in SEO marketing. Search terms, meta descriptions and links are often named as key factors. However, none of this matters when the content of your website is not informative or entertaining. Google is constantly optimizing its algorithm and key words are not as essential as other factors such as bounce rates and click-through rates. Content is king! This also applies to the overall design – is the website easy to navigate? And do you have original content or are you using the same stock photos everyone else uses?
  • Social media: H2H is about getting a better understanding of your clients and to connect with them on a more human, emotional level. Social media are the perfect outlet to really interact with other people. This means that your social media strategy should not be about shoving new products down clients' throats, but about getting to know them and allowing them to get to know you.
  • Data: Hard facts are not very human. However, in order to give best possible experience to your clients, it is important to get to know them. This allows you to guide them towards a purchasing decision instead of telling them what and when to buy.

The Benefits of H2H Marketing

H2H marketing is more than feel good marketing. The bottom line is of course the success of your company. Here is how H2H benefits your company:

  • it makes you more relatable and authentic
  • it establishes long-term relationships (customer retention)
  • it is great for word-to-mouth propaganda
  • it helps to understand clients better

Storytelling Is Human and Authentic – Use It in H2H!

How do people explain their lives? How do they make sense of their existence? Since the dawn of human history, it is storytelling that fulfills this very function. Identify the desires of your clients and create a relatable, authentic story about how you can fulfill these desires. Communicate this story on the channels available to you.

Our service

Communicate on par with your clients and get to know them better. We are happy to advise you on H2H marketing and develop a H2H marketing campaign that suits your needs. Get in touch!

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