You read it again and again: Articles and blog posts about landing page optimization. But what makes a landing page different from a "normal" web page?

Bounce rates can tell you a lot about the quality of your website and give insights into areas of improvement. We have already examined hard and soft bounces in e-mail marketing. Today, we look at what bounce rates tell you about the success of your web pages and explain the differences to exit...

Texts and images belong together in storytelling like salt and pepper on the kitchen table: they can be good on their own, but they make an irresistible mix together. Most readers will surely agree. An awesome image, a popping headline and chances are great that the rest of the blog post or story...

Once you managed to draw prospects to your website, you surely want them to do something, such as download a white paper, subscribe to a newsletter or order one of your products. The best way to motivate users to take action is a call-to-action.

Marketing is strategy, marketing is psychology. There are a few, simple insights into human behavior that will drive your conversion rates through the roof. Details often make the difference.

We do not go, we live online. Desktop and mobile devices have an equal share of online traffic nowadays. We look approximately 150 times a day on our smartphone to look for information, interact with friends and family and to generally stay up-to-date with the goings-on in the world.

Inbound marketing helps potential customers to find brands. However, some companies struggle to do it successfully. Until recently the client belonged to a sketchy group of people. Today we know all about customers' likes and dislikes, their desires and problems. What does successful inbound...

1. There is no need for individual landing pages for Germany, Austria and Switzerland in B2B. There are hardly any language differences in business. In B2C, however, a more colloquial approach specific to the respective target groups might necessitate different landing pages.

After we have written about how you can get the contact data of potential clients in our last blog post, we are turning towards the final step of the lead conversion process: thank you-pages. What is their purpose and what are they supposed to look like? 

There is a great chance you have come across a call-to-action button at least once in your life. What is meant here are the graphic button on websites that ask you to do something, such as watching a video or downloading an ebook.

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