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The Top 20 of Successful Inbound Marketing

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Inbound marketing helps potential customers to find brands. However, some companies struggle to do it successfully. Until recently the client belonged to a sketchy group of people. Today we know all about customers' likes and dislikes, their desires and problems. What does successful inbound marketing need? 

  1. You know your target group.
  2. You communicate to your target group.
  3. You have identified all personas.
  4. You communicate to all personas.
  5. You pursue clearly defined goals.
  6. You use suitable communication channels.
  7. You don't plagiarize.
  8. You look for new topics.
  9. You bring character and personality to the mix.
  10. You show contact persons behind the curtains.
  11. You use visualizations.
  12. You offer content with added value.
  13. You continuously optimize your marketing.
  14. You develop new approaches.
  15. You communicate authentically and transparently.
  16. You don't beat around the bush.
  17. Your communication is clear and comprehensible.
  18. You produce strong headlines and appealing teasers.
  19. You have a great layout.
  20. You are transparent about your sources.

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