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This Is How You Communicate Events Professionally in No Time

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

When big events are ahead, heads are spinning. The program has to be a hit and everything has be timed perfectly. The communication of the event also has to assure many positive responses. Not only does your communication have to be on point during the invitation phase, but also while and after the event in order to get the most out of it. The way you address the recipients of your communication depends on the type of event (exhibitions, celebrations, workshops, anniversaries). However, the procedure mostly stays the same.

Thanks to some marketing automation solutions, you can write, invite and inform clients and prospects as well as handle registrations directly in the system.

Event communication classically consists of the following components:

Before the event

  • email invitations
  • second invitation if there was no registration after the first
  • landing page with a contact form to do the registrations
  • email that confirms registration and includes information
  • email reminding all participants of the upcoming event
  • participation list for internal and/or external use

During the event

  • email with link to download information (for example during presentations)
  • landing page with download area for information
  • landing page with event images (if lasting several days)

After the event

  • email that gives thanks to participants
  • information mailing for all recipients who did not participate

Some marketing automation solutions are real allrounders. They manage and synchronize all client data in real-time. Hence you can link all mailings in a single workflow. Already registered participants are automatically excluded from the contact list for the second mailing. People who have already declined the invitation will neither receive another email etc.

Furthermore, the system registers which participant clicked on which download link. This will give your marketing and sales teams valuable starting points for future campaigns and personalized offers.

If done correctly, the use of marketing automation systems can save companies a great deal of time. They will also make their communication more professional and can supply sales departments with valuable contact information for the perfect pitch.

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