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Social Media Marketing: Timing Is Everything

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Do you have quality content that will interest your community, followers, and potential customers? Very good! Then all you need is the right publishing strategy for your social media channels.

Brands that provide informative content have already accomplished half the work of a successful content strategy. The other crucial half is distributing the content on the appropriate channels at the right time. After all, even the best content is not of much use if it receives no attention and is not seen by the target group. But how do you know the right time?

The target group determines the right time

An example: your target group is between 30 and 50 years old and has regular jobs. Facebook is a popular social media platform in this age group. And since this group is working, it is recommended to share content at lunchtime. The same applies to sharing content via Twitter. Most working people check their smartphones during lunchtime either to see if they have received urgent emails or to see what is going on in their social circles. A survey by Sprout Social confirms this. According to the findings, a good time for sharing content on social media is also about 3 PM, which is when people often take a coffee break.

Why does the publication date matter?

The posts you share at lunchtime or coffee hour should appear at the top of your followers' newsfeeds. This is so because only few people take the time to scroll down to the bottom of the newsfeed.

When to publish on which platform?

Thursday and Friday are great days for sharing content on social media because people are beginning to plan for the weekend and are curious to see what their social circles are up to. Sunday noon and afternoon is also a great time for social media activities.

As already shown in the example, Facebook postings and tweets should be published around noon.

Late afternoon is the best time for tweets and Instagram posts, according to Sprout Social, because people check their social channels when they get off work.

The users of the world's largest professional network, LinkedIn, are very active on working days and especially from Tuesday to Thursday during lunch breaks and after work. The same applies to the career network Xing.

In short, you have to spend a lot of time researching the habits of your target audience to find the ideal time to distribute content on the appropriate social media channels at the right time. Read more about Social Media Marketing.

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