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Reach Trading Partners and End Customers at the Same Time!

W4 | W4 / April 18, 2018
Medium-sized companies specialized in the international sale of capital goods now face greater marketing challenges. Firstly, dealers in all countries need to be reached; secondly, end customers need to receive all relevant information in the appropriate form. These tasks are traditionally covered by trade marketing and retail marketing, respectively. Unfortunately, the budget normally only stretches to one of these. A tailored combination of these marketing areas means that you no longer need to cut corners. 

The starting point

Very few medium-sized companies have their own distribution in every country. They usually work with local dealers or agents. In practice, this means that companies must:

1. Impress dealers!

As a rule, dealers’ objectives will not be the same as those of the company. However, adequate account must be taken of their objectives in trade marketing, particularly if the company in question is not the market leader or the dealer’s sole supplier. If dealers do not feel sufficiently wooed, you run the risk of losing them to the competition.

2. Reach end clients!

Establishing a product over the long term and keeping the door open for a subsequent strategic decision to establish direct sales locally requires professional communication that represents the brand essence of the company and the products, while still taking account of any cultural differences between the various markets. If sales are carried out through a dealer or agent, the corresponding retail marketing often covers the same thing. To ensure a uniform campaign, the best solution is to provide dealers with the company’s own marketing tools. Dealers need to be convinced of both the technical marketing and the financial benefits of these tools.

The snag

In reality, few companies are able to invest equally in trade and retail marketing. What should be done?

The solution

Combine trade marketing and retail marketing!

1. Make the product the star!

Put the product at the heart of your campaign. Demonstrate your expertise and emphasize quality (product benefits, unique selling propositions, etc.). This will ensure your marketing tools are fit for global use and avoid the pitfalls of country-specific and cultural differences.

2. Make your dealer communication consumer-friendly!

Ensure that websites, advertisements, packaging and product catalogues speak to both your dealers and your end customers. This allows dealers to directly refer to your marketing tools during sales campaigns.

3. Get your trade partners on board!

Involve your retailers and agents already in the planning stages of your marketing strategy. Give them the opportunity to be part of the strategy’s development. If dealers think your marketing approach is good, they are more likely to use it. This is the only way to guarantee a consistent campaign for your product in all countries.

W4 develops custom marketing tools for your products and ensures you are ready for international B2B and B2C sales. We are by your side every step of the way, from concept to implementation.

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