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Video-Content in B2B-Marketing

W4 | W4 / April 18, 2018
The World Wide Web is advantageous in many ways – but the steadily growing oversupply of products and services across all sectors also presents online-operating companies with a huge challenge: standing out from the crowd. Classic advertising products are rarely sufficient anymore – a fact that has also been recognized and acted upon in the professional Web-marketing sector. Communication tools rarely used in the past now present new opportunities to reach and acquire clients.

One of the most promising tools: video content

No matter how perfect a photo is – when conveying meanings and feelings, it quickly reaches its limits. The limits of photo format is just the starting point for opportunities with moving images. Not only does the dynamic of a film attract more attention than a still image, but a film is also the simplest method of portraying complicated, dry or hard-to-grasp topics in an entertaining, quick and attractive way. In addition, professional online videos offer customers and partners the opportunity to have a look behind the scenes. How are my products manufactured? Which materials are used? And who is actually behind the brands? Online movies provide the answer in various ways, whether it be as an image film, product visualisation or in the form of video business cards. The possibilities are virtually endless when using online videos as a means of communication. At the end of the day, the success of advertising says a lot about the quality of the film. In order to produce a good online video and broadcast it successfully, the following must be observed:

1. Make your company logo the first image of your film! In doing so, visitors from online video portals will immediately know who is behind the video.

2. Choose an eye-catching thumbnail! Search engines, such as Google, show thumbnails (preview images) along with the search results. Choose wisely in order to draw in as many viewers as possible.

3. Think about using keywords! Strong titles, teasers, tags and URLs give you a better chance with search engines.

4. Be authentic! Show the people behind the your brand. Speak to your viewers as you would to friend you bumped into on the street. The days of cliché-ridden slogans are over.

5. Short and snappy is the key! Use your film to arouse interest – it is not to be a detailed documentary.

6. Don't overload your film! Your film should adequately convey information, but also not lead to visual sensory overload. Bear in mind that less is often more and it also has a more serious effect.

7. Ensure your film is available in convenient formats! Customer-friendly movies can be viewed on all devices.

What we offer: W4-Enterprise Movies

Do you want to improve an online presentation that is contemporary and lively? Do you have an idea for an advertising film but no time to do it yourself? W4 supports you with that. We develop your professional W4-Enterprise movie based on your company philosophy, product range, customer base and communications strategies and targets:

  • Company tour: The virtual path through a company grants customers and partners up-close insight while creating transparency and trust.
  • Image film: Whether it concerns your employees, production processes or application possibilities, a company presentation with moving images cannot be replaced by any photography.
  • 3D production presentation: Give your product the stage it deserves with 3D visualization and computer animation. A rendered photo-realistic and animated 3D model facilitates detailed presentations in all product designs. In addition, animations enable your product’s entire scope of functions to be simulated in a customer-friendly way. A presentation that will inspire your customers.
  • Video business card: A video business card not only gives your company a face, but also a personality. There is a number of ways to achieve this: you can present yourself and your offer using a digital business card; you can introduce your employees with a short interview instead of a photo, or incorporate Investor Relations comments or CEO statements.
  • Event video: Whether a company anniversary or an open-house day, a film documentary makes a company and its employees tangible

We operate internationally. Wherever you and your company are, we come to you, support you as a reliable partner before, during and after film production and take care of the entire development process:

1. concept development/ storyboard presentation

2. filming/ 3D visualisation + 3D animation

3. editing/ audio

4. playout

5. publishing

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