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WeChat: the Super App for your B2B Marketing

WeChat is the main tool to build digital presence in China, increase brand awareness and generate leads. Having WeChat in your marketing strategy is a must-have element. Basically, this instant messaging application is supposed to be one of a company's primary social platforms. 

WeChat, as a leading social media app, provides businesses numerous services and mini-programs and social media features. It’s the “super app” and “the app for everything” that most companies were searching for.  

WeChat for your B2B Marketing

WeChat’s potential with its vast ecosystem is absolutely necessary if you want to do business in China. Using WeChat in the right way you will have a strong impact in the Chinese market. These are the main features when you open a WeChat Official Account: 

  • Possible payment via WeChat Pay and WeChat Wallet
  • Alternative method of emailing / email marketing (newsletters, H5 brochure etc.)
  • WeChat mini-program and online store
  • WeChat CRM 
  • WeChat Advertising (they can be WeChat articles, ad banners or simple call-to-action)
  • Sales Support

Advantages of having a WeChat Official Account

  • Precise targeting of your group target
  • Generate new lead
  • Share relevant, interesting, eye-catching, animated content as well as official documents like statistics, excel files etc. 
  • Analyse user behaviour and collect feedback 
  • Send group messages to your followers 
  • Update your followers with the latest products’ information as well as news about your company
  • Can be in contact with your (potential) client, engage with your audience etc.

Download our WeChat Official Account Guide if you want to open your own business account


Challenges of WeChat Official Account: tips for new users

Although WeChat has this huge potential as a platform and social media, B2B companies can probably encounter some challenges with their account, particularly if they’re new in this new world. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

1. Reach and engage audience

You need to adapt the content to the platform and its user requirements. For example, B2B companies can use WeChat as an alternative option of emailing like mentioned above. In China, Email marketing is no longer used as one of the main tools in campaigns. WeChat took over the traditional email system and therefore what was done via email can now be done with WeChat. You can organise Q&A sessions, send invitations to a special event and newsletters to your contacts. Another overlook that companies usually make is the chance of using WeChat mini-programs, channels or group-chat in order to have more range of action and interaction with the public. 

2. Mobile friendly content 

Adapt the content to its platform and user means also consider the features for mobile device use that WeChat offers. The WeChat account menu is one of them, where users can contact you and can go through your product and services like they do on your website. Quite useful and popular are the H5 brochures as a way to contact and nurture your potential business partners. Particularly, H5 brochures are one of the main WeChat assets for B2B companies. They are much more engaging, interactive, with audio, video and animation than normal PDFs.

3. Manage the content 

One of the main obstacles is the amount of time it takes to take care of the account and keep it up to date. This is because only opening a business account is not enough. You need to take care of it daily or weekly. Potential customers take into consideration if you are consistent, coherent and, above all, active on WeChat. It is the first place where they will look for you and read information and news about your company. It is your business card in the Chinese market.

Beyond the amount of time, posting content on WeChat also requires knowledge of the tastes, trends and habits of potential customers in China. Focusing on a global audience rather than focusing on the Chinese audience is a common mistake, so it would be ideal to create localised content, photos, videos, design and offers specific to their needs.  

If you want to know more about how you can make the most of the marketing elements of WeChat do not hesitate to contact us:



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