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When Things Get Complicated, Seeing Is Superior to Listening

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

To see is to comprehend. Clients and consultants benefit from the professional visualization of complex information in equal measure – especially when matters are to be illustrated in a customized manner. Dynamic PDF documents can do that easily.

Dynamic PDFs – interactive help, vivid graphics

Dynamic PDFs can be used in many ways, the most common being as forms (e.g. in insurance business). Dynamic PDF forms can include virtual aids (such as explanations or tariff calculators) that make clients' lives a lot easier. This will relieve pressure off support centers as well.

Another advantage is that the software clients require is completely free of charge. Moreover, neither paper nor stamps are needed. The form is completed on the computer or mobile device and transmitted electronically. This also means that companies do not have to enter data manually into their systems anymore – a win-win situation for everyone.

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Dynamic PDF files have an additional benefit for sales people. They can spend their time on advising their customers more effectively. Consultations are much more interactive and productive when data entered in a PDF files is instantly visualized in diagrams. This gives sales people the chance to talk through various cases and to find the best solution together with their clients. This in a tremendous increase in service as clients receive visual answers to complex questions. Analyses and statistics are created directly during a meeting in real-time!

PDF – One format, all devices

The abbreviation PDF refers to portable document format and is used to describe a file format that can be displayed on any operating system or device without being altered in any way. This means a PDF document is displayed exactly as intended by the person who created it. The format was developed by Adobe Systems, which also has developed the Acrobat Reader, a free software used to display PDF files.

Specific solutions displayed dynamically

Sales engineers will profit from these possibilities. They can discuss the specifications of a solution with their clients and hand them the results of their meeting in a PDF that includes all relevant information including technical diagrams. Therefore, pre-produced data sheets can be replaced with customized PDF documents that sales people create in cooperation with their clients during a meeting.

This approach can be used online as well. PDFs can also be created with data bank information. A field of application could be online product configurators. Users define the specifications for a service or solution they require and have them displayed visually. Once saved to a PDF document, this information is available offline as well.

The benefits of dynamic PDF for clients:

  • no additional costs (free software, no postage)
  • better service quality at point-of-sale and point-of-service
  • interactive aids facilitate completion of forms
  • immediate visual feedback thanks to dynamic graphic elements

The benefits of dynamic PDF for businesses:

  • improved quality of service through interactive elements
  • time effectiveness, simple workflows
  • focus on consulting/service
  • corporate design guidelines and design elements can be implemented easily

Our service

We are happy to advice you on the many benefits of dynamic PDF for your company. We will also assist you in developing and realizing dynamic PDFs. Get in touch!

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