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Mobile Marketing – The Best Channel to Reach Customers on Mobile?

W4 | W4 / April 23, 2018

Leverage email, text messages, and push notifications on mobile devices to distribute promotional or business messages to prospects or customers. But why is it so important to reach users when they are on the move?

Mobile is the digital future

According to the Enterprise SEO and content performance specialist Brightedge, 57 percent of searches were made using mobile devices in 2017. This number will certainly continue to rise. With increasingly flexible workplaces, home offices and generally increasing user mobility requirements, e-mail, SMS and push notifications are ideal formats for reaching prospects and customers on their smartphones or tablets.

When should you use which type of content?

Email, SMS and push notifications each have very specific functions and advantages. Knowing the communications you use is the basis for using them profitably.


Mobile devices are usually connected to the Internet. Hence email is a common and often used feature of smartphones and tablets. Compared to other electronic communication instruments, emails tend to be a little more formal. They are usually archived longer than, for example, text messages. Therefore, they are very well suited to disseminate important information that may be relevant to the user for a longer period of time. Official announcements can be one example of adequately using email.

Push notifications

Push notifications are short messages that appear as important notifications on the mobile device. They are ideal to communicate important as well as current news. The big advantage: the messages can be read by the user without having to open an app. This increases the chances that the message will actually be read. If users find the notification interesting enough, they can open the corresponding, more in-depth information by tapping on the notification

Push notifications can only be sent to users who have installed your app on their mobile device. Hence these messages are particularly suitable for keeping existing customers up to date.


Text messages increase the chances that your message is received and read a great deal. Receiving text messages gives users the impression the information concerns them individually. This is due to the fact that the sender has their mobile number and this channel is primarily used by people who know each other personally. After all, people do not give their phone number to everybody. This explains the very high opening rate of about 98 percent. This communication channel is therefore ideal for customer care and personalized service information.

A text message is expected to have a short message body. This expectation should be accommodated so as not to scare the users. If information has to more detailed, the sender may insert a link that leads to a landing page.

Each of the three presented mobile communication channels has its strengths and weaknesses. However, they can be combined very effectively to offer customers and prospects a rich user experience and outstanding customer service. Keep in mind to be coordinated when using all three combined.

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