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Odoo Finance at a Glance: Everything you need to Know

| David Koehler / May 31, 2024
Odoo Finance at a Glance: Everything you need to Know

As one of the leading players in the field of enterprise resource planning systems, Odoo offers a wide range of options and extensions for the efficient management and automation of business processes. A highlight among these is undoubtedly Odoo Finance - one of our favourite apps in Odoo and a true wonder tool for efficient financial management. Odoo Finance seamlessly automates and integrates your financial processes, making it an indispensable tool in our daily work. Over the years, we have gained extensive experience with Odoo Finance, which has given us deep insights into its many benefits and optimal usage methods, but has also revealed some challenges. In this article, we share our findings and show you how you can utilise the full potential of Odoo Accounting.

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Article Summary

  • Odoo Finance offers comprehensive and automated financial management with tax localisation and support for various tax calculations.
  • The app enables efficient accounting processes, including invoicing, real-time payment reconciliation and customised reporting and analysis functions.
  • Odoo can be easily extended and seamlessly integrated with other apps such as e-commerce, warehouse management, CRM, project management and more.

Accounting with Odoo - Your Path to Financial Clarity


Imagine accounting software that not only offers impressive performance, but also impresses with its ease of use. This is exactly what Odoo Finance offers you. This software supports simultaneous use by a large number of users and combines all the necessary tools in a user-friendly interface to organise your financial processes efficiently and effectively.

In addition, Odoo offers comprehensive support through tax localisation packages tailored to the specific tax regulations and legal requirements of your country. With Odoo, you can flexibly customise your pricing, tax rates and tax exemptions to ensure optimal financial accounting that is precisely tailored to your business needs.

 Automated Bookkeeping


In today's digitalised world, the automation of business processes is key to efficiency. Odoo promotes digital transformation in accounting through:

  • automation
  • artificial intelligence
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • machine learning

Imagine if you could replace manual invoice processing with AI-supported automation and make better use of your resources. This is possible with Odoo Finance.

In addition, Odoo Finance can offer the following benefits:

  • Connection to bank accounts for automatic postings for recurring transactions
  • Acceleration of the accounting process
  • Adaptation to the unique business processes of each company through customised programming and specifically developed modules to automate accounting.

Integrated invoicing

An outstanding advantage of Odoo Finance is the integrated invoicing system. The intuitive and user-friendly standard functions make familiarising yourself with invoicing extremely easy and ensure an efficient invoice creation process. Odoo offers you the flexibility to personalise your invoices by choosing from a variety of templates and customising elements such as colours, fonts and your own company logo.

In addition to personalisation, Odoo allows you to print or send invoices digitally. The app supports efficient management through automatic sequence number processing and provides alerts for gaps in the sequences to ensure correct and complete documentation.

Payment reconciliation in real time


In today's fast-paced business world, real-time payment reconciliation is essential. The Finance app automates this process efficiently through the use of predefined reconciliation models that recognise and automatically allocate frequent transactions. Synchronisation with bank accounts is seamless in Odoo Finance, which significantly reduces manual entries and minimises potential sources of error.

The app also offers the option of making collective payments. This makes it possible to select several supplier invoices at the same time and pay them in one step. Users can also enter and reconcile payments manually and carry out collective reconciliations to further increase efficiency. Odoo Finance gives you a clear overview of all invoices, sorted according to their status, which enables smooth and timely payment reconciliation.

Finances at a glance: Reporting and analysis functions


Effective financial management requires not only efficient handling of financial processes, but also a deep understanding of your company's financial situation. With Odoo Finance, you can always keep an eye on your finances. The software offers sophisticated reporting functions such as invoice analyses and sales reports that give you a detailed insight into the current status of your invoices and sales activities.

The reporting tools included in Odoo allow you to analyse your financial data in depth. Tables and graphs can be grouped according to various criteria such as country, sales team or sales channel, allowing you to analyse the information in a targeted manner.

There are also advanced forecasting tools that allow you to predict expected revenue for the coming months. These functions are particularly valuable for planning your budget and help you to develop financial foresight and act proactively.

Profit and loss reports


A thorough financial analysis requires an in-depth understanding of the profit and loss statement. D for provides you with a powerful tool that enables an integrated profit and loss statement and presents key business figures such as turnover, cost of goods sold and operating expenses in a clear and understandable way.

The flexibility allows you to directly compare profit and loss reports for different periods - be it monthly or annually. This ability to make direct comparisons makes it easier to analyse your financial performance and provides an in-depth, group-based view of data that provides detailed insights into your company's performance.

In addition, you can use Finance to create customised profit and loss reports that are specifically tailored to your company's needs. This customisation increases the relevance and usefulness of the reports, enabling targeted financial planning and control and contributing to the strategic management of your company.

Budgeting and cost centres

Clear budgeting and cost centre management are crucial for effective financial management. The Odoo Finance app allows you to:

  • Set budgets for different time periods
  • Allow adjustments to the budget during the financial year to respond to market changes
  • Support the analysis of budgets by highlighting variances between planned and actual figures
  • Compare current performance against different budgets within financial accounting and across cost centres

The implementation of cost centres in Odoo Finance facilitates a detailed allocation of income and expenses. This enables you to manage multiple cost centre plans and sub-plans, allowing you to effectively monitor the profitability of different areas of your business.

Customisable dashboards


A picture is worth a thousand words. This also applies to the visualisation of financial data. The Finance app offers powerful dashboards with a variety of chart types such as

  • Bar charts
  • pie charts
  • donut charts
  • Radar charts
  • Line charts
  • Polar charts

These charts are essential for the effective visualisation of financial data. With Odoo, key financial metrics such as the number of business opportunities, expected revenue and days to close can be clearly presented in easy-to-read graphs and pivot tables. Users also have the ability to create custom date reports to highlight specific dates.

Odoo's financial dashboards provide dynamic views that enable comprehensive analyses of financial data and real-time insights, allowing users to effectively track developments and trends over time. With customisable filters and an easy-to-use sidebar that allows specific charts to be accessed with a simple click, users can customise their financial data and create detailed, tailored reports.

Synchronisation with the bank account


Efficient financial management requires seamless integration with bank accounts. Odoo makes this possible by automatically synchronising transactions with your bank accounts. To use this advanced online bank synchronisation feature, a valid Odoo Enterprise subscription is required and your database must be registered with the Odoo contract.

The first synchronisation is done directly in the Odoo Finance app by selecting your banking institution and setting the start date for transaction capture. Manual synchronisation is also possible, which allows you to receive account statements immediately. Odoo supports direct synchronisation with over 25,000 banking institutions worldwide and uses services such as Plaid and Yodlee to ensure smooth and efficient accounting.

Effective receivables management

Financial management involves more than just managing revenue; it also requires effective control over receivables. With Odoo you can monitor receivables and open items in real time. In addition, Odoo enables the efficient sending of reminders by email and letter to ensure that payments are made on time.

Another important feature is the ability to set a credit limit for customers. This helps to minimise credit risks and allows notifications to be generated as soon as these limits are exceeded. The combination of real-time monitoring of receivables, automated dunning and credit limit management improves cash flow and contributes to the financial stability of your organisation.

More than just accounting - additional modules and extensions

Odoo Finance is more than just an accounting software; it is an integral part of a comprehensive business system that can fulfil specific business requirements through additional apps and modules. The flexibility of Odoo Finance is demonstrated by the ability to seamlessly connect to various third-party apps via a web service API, which enables comprehensive integration and includes support for all common programming languages such as Python, PHP, Java, C# and Ruby.

Advanced integrations for comprehensive financial management

In addition to core accounting, Odoo Finance offers deep integrations with other modules that can enrich a company's financial management:

  • Inventory Management: integrating inventory management with Odoo Finance enables accurate recording of inventory costs and optimised tracking of inventory values, which is critical to the accuracy of cost accounting and financial reporting.
  • E-commerce: Linking Odoo Finance with e-commerce platforms ensures automatic synchronisation of sales data, which speeds up invoicing and receipt of payments, improving liquidity.
  • Project management: By combining project management tools with Odoo Finance, project costs can be recorded and controlled directly. This enables precise allocation of expenditure to projects and effective monitoring of budgets.
  • Human Resources (HR): The integration of the HR module with Odoo Finance facilitates the management of payroll and personnel-related costs. This creates a direct link between personnel measures and the financial system, enabling efficient budget control and allocation.

Through these and other integrations, Odoo Finance offers a powerful platform that not only simplifies day-to-day accounting, but also provides a holistic view of the financial and operational aspects of a company. In this way, Odoo helps companies to manage their financial processes efficiently and make strategic decisions based on complete and up-to-date data.

Challenges and Solutions when Using Odoo Finance

Customisation to specific business processes


Initially, we found that Odoo's standard apps could not always fulfil all of our company's specific requirements. This led to challenges in covering some of our unique business processes.

Our solution:

To close this gap, we decided to develop custom modules and customise existing apps through Odoo's flexible architecture. These customisations allowed us to tailor the software precisely to our specific business processes, achieving greater efficiency and better results.

Learn more about our Odoo Apps solutions

Integration with other systems


We encountered technical challenges in integrating Odoo Accounting with other external systems and platforms that are essential to our business operations. The complexity of these integrations required an in-depth technical review and customisation.

Our solution:

To ensure a seamless integration, we extensively utilised the Odoo API and implemented middleware solutions where required. These steps have enabled us to create a stable and efficient connection between Odoo and other systems, improving data exchange and optimising the overall performance of our business processes.

Data migration


During the introduction of Odoo Finance in our company, we encountered considerable challenges when migrating existing data. Due to format and compatibility problems, it was a complex task to transfer our old data without errors.

Our solution:

To overcome these challenges, we carefully planned the data migration, utilising both Odoo's integrated migration tools and the services of external experts. This strategic approach allowed us to ensure that all data was transferred to the new system correctly and efficiently, making the transition much easier for our team and our business processes.

Odoo Finance Success stories

WPS4Digital www.w-4.chhubfsWPS4_Digital_logo_new_RGB_cropped_small_170x195-1-1

wps4digital AG, newly founded in 2023, emerged from WPS medienservice AG and specialises in the creation of digital and analogue communication campaigns for leading Swiss retail companies.

The challenge:

After the company was founded, wps4digital was faced with the task of renewing an outdated and fragmented IT system landscape that was inefficient and caused high licence costs. Cross-interface analyses and efficient business processes were required, particularly in the area of accounting, in order to meet the company's new requirements.

Solution with Odoo Finance by W4:

Odoo 16.4 Enterprise was chosen, specifically because of its powerful accounting functions. We at W4 not only implemented Odoo Finance, but also customised it to meet the individual needs of wps4digital. Through bespoke customisations and integrations, a solution was created that seamlessly brings together all financial aspects of the business while being flexible enough to grow and evolve with the company. The automation of processes such as invoicing and expense claims has been integrated with other areas of the business such as CRM and project management to provide a comprehensive way of doing business.

The result

The introduction of Odoo Accounting fundamentally transformed wps4digital's financial management. Through customisation and improved integration, the company was able to significantly reduce its licence costs and increase efficiency. Odoo's dashboards provided management with a clear overview of financial metrics and project profitability, enabling informed decisions and significantly improving transparency.

W4 and the internal use of Odoo Finance

At W4, we have been using Odoo Finance for years to manage our internal invoicing and accounting processes. As experts in the implementation and customisation of ERP systems, we know exactly how important efficient and transparent financial management is for business success.


As a growing technology and marketing company, we faced the challenge of optimising our accounting processes to increase efficiency and gain better insight into our financial position. Traditional methods and disconnected systems were wasting time and making accurate financial monitoring difficult.

Solution with Odoo Finance:

We decided to implement Odoo Finance to utilise an integrated solution that allows us to create, manage and track invoices efficiently. By automating recurring tasks such as payment reconciliation and invoicing, we were able to reduce manual intervention and speed up our processes. 

To optimise the software to our needs, we have made specific customisations that allow us to create detailed reports and analyses. These customisations were carried out by our internal team, who have in-depth knowledge of working with Odoo.


By implementing Odoo Finance, we have seen a significant improvement in the efficiency of our internal processes. The time taken to process invoices has been greatly reduced and the accuracy of our financial data has increased significantly. In addition, Odoo's integrated analysis function enables us to react quickly to changes in our business environment and make informed decisions. 

The use of Odoo Finance at W4 is a prime example of how the right technology can transform internal processes. Not only do we utilise the benefits of Odoo for our customers, but we also benefit internally from its capabilities. Our experience with Odoo strengthens our confidence in its capabilities and makes us a strong advocate and expert in its implementation.

Odoo Finance for different industries

No matter what industry you are in, Odoo offers high customisability and scalability to meet the accounting needs of companies of different sizes and from diverse industries. As an open source solution with an active community, Odoo enables the development of a variety of industry-specific applications that increase flexibility for different business needs.

Customisation for your company

Every company is characterised by unique challenges and specific requirements. Odoo, as a flexible and extensively customisable system, allows businesses to precisely address these unique needs. Creating specific modules that fit seamlessly into different business areas such as e-commerce, warehouse management and CRM is an effective strategy to maintain independence and clarity within the software. This approach not only supports the automation and increased efficiency of your business processes, but also dynamically adapts to the changing needs of your organisation. Through these customised adaptations, Odoo can serve as a central tool that helps to achieve financial clarity while simplifying day-to-day administration.

After reading this article, it should be clear that Odoo's accounting functions offer far more than just basic features. With its advanced automation and customisation capabilities, integrated reporting and analysis tools and effective receivables management, Odoo is a user-friendly and powerful accounting solution. The software helps organisations of all industries and sizes achieve financial clarity and efficiency. Thanks to its seamless integration with e-commerce and warehouse management and the ability to be extended with a variety of apps and modules, Odoo can be easily integrated into existing business processes.

How W4 can help you with the Odoo Finance Module

As experienced Odoo experts, we are ready to help your business implement and optimise Odoo Finance. We understand that every organisation has unique needs and challenges. That's why we offer customised solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements. From initial set-up to ongoing maintenance and staff training, W4 will ensure that you realise the full potential of Odoo.

If you have any questions or would like detailed advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you revolutionise your financial administration and achieve new levels of efficiency.

This article was originally written in German.

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