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Inbound marketing: contemporary technological possibilities

W4 | W4 / April 11, 2019

Cold calling, the publication of intrusive advertisement as well as the installation of flashy banners is a thing of the past for most companies. It’s all about inbound marketing nowadays. However, inbound methods constantly develop and are being augmented with new technologies. Keywords like artificial intelligence (AI), block chain or edge computing are constantly present in the media as well as in the minds of most marketers. You always have to be aware of the technological evolution and make meaningful use of the most recent tools in order to have your finger on the pulse of the time. The following technologies are currently essential: 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Even if the inclusion of artificial intelligence is comparably new and may sound slightly futuristic to some, it is not a sudden marketing trend which started just recently. On the contrary: experts have been discussing this topic for many decades. However, only now are computing powers as well as options for data processing available on a reliable scale. The advantages of using artificial intelligence (AI) are obvious to most: Thanks to AI, many new possibilities open up for companies. Chatbots, for example, are able to optimize a diversity of everyday communication processes. For online shops, too, AI provides attractive advantages. AI itself is constantly evolving, too. Currently, one talks about conversational AI (interaction of people with AI systems) as a way of lifting communication to a new level in the near future.

Data protection

In times of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and incidents, during which millions of data records disappear without a trace, data protection is one of the most urgent topics in the marketing sector. In order to keep data of customers and employees save and to keep their trust, companies have to pay attention to a lot of things.

Augmented analytics

Many companies still place their trust in the support of AI in order to fulfill the strict data protection regulations. The keyword is augmented analytics. With this technology, companies add a virtual data specialist to their team. Working in the background, it gathers and consolidates data, creates algorithms, dependencies as well as reoccurring patterns. It even supports you when it comes to the interpretation of the collected data and takes on a decisive role in securing data.

New possibilities for blockchain

Blockchain still plays an important role when it comes to data transfer. Many companies see a diversity of application possibilities for this technology, for example accounting, transaction safety or even Bitcoin. The database technology is particularly helpful in the fields of logistics and sales, where it supports transparency of transactions between customers and suppliers.

Edge computing

The process of data evaluation usually takes too long. That’s why many companies use edge computing, which means a decentralized data processing at the edge of the network. Since the data volume is being minimized, this technology allows for the transfer of huge amounts of data as well as across long distances. Data centers thus become partly superfluous while at the same time, companies profit from securely encrypted data. By the way, there is already a new technology ready to take over and complement edge computing: 5G mobile data for an even faster data transfer.

Immersive reality

Virtual reality has reflected and still reflects an immense technological progress for industry and economy. Via creating illusory stimuli, the surrounding can be experienced as being real. At first mainly hyped in relation to video games, it has now become important for other areas as well, as for example in commerce or health services. Thanks to the usage of virtual reality and exoskeletons, products can be tried and experienced virtually.

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