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Is a PIM Really Necessary?

Lena Beeg | Lena Beeg / July 20, 2018

Your online sales are going well and the traffic on your sales pages is steadily increasing? That's great! But there are other important numbers to look at as well, such as bounces, aborted shopping processes, negative customer reviews or product returns. If these numbers are on the rise, it is time for a professional Product Information Management (PIM) solution to keep your ecommerce businesses growing.

1. Data management takes too much effort

Does you current data management system require a lot of time to maintain the individual product data, an effort that only increases due to an expanding variety of products? Are data maintenance costs disproportionately high? Do you use different data management systems for retailers, sales representatives, and marketers? Are the product data in these systems not up-to-date and only updated irregularly? Is your data management becoming more and more confusing? If your answer to any of these question is “yes”, it is time for a professional PIM.

A PIM can combine product data from different systems in one central application. Your various departments no longer have to search for the right data in different data silos, but access the same, up-to-date product data in one centralized application. A PIM usually also features comprehensive rights management options: You can flexibly assign reading and writing rights, which considerably simplifies the work processes of your employees to unlock more efficiency.

2. Bad user experience

Are your product data consistent? Can you filter products parametrically? Is your "time to market" very short? Do you maintain product-to-product, product-to-category, and category-to-category relationships in your current data management system? If your answer to any of these questions is “no”, you run the risk of giving customers a bad user experience. The logical consequence: the implementation of a PIM! After all, all the aspects just listed as well as other important issues that are crucial for an optimal user experience can be realized with a PIM.

A PIM enables intuitive shopping experiences that can increase the average order value and the customer lifetime value. Moreover, the information from the PIM can be easily used for various channels such as online shops, apps or websites. Information can be published to these linked channels directly from the PIM. This provides the user with a seamless, state-of-the-art shopping experience. Also, the publication of product data in different languages and currencies can be easily realized with a PIM. This is an absolute must for companies that want to operate internationally!

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