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Why Businesses Should Outsource Content Marketing

Companies managing their website, blog and social media on their own quickly realize that doing high response content marketing requires a lot of resources. Not only is content marketing time consuming, it also requires a diverse skill set if the invested budget in Facebook, blog posts and product videos is supposed to boost sales and image. If the job is left to inexperienced trainees or product managers with other tasks on their plate, it will be highly unlikely that content marketing reaches its full potential. Nevertheless, this is still how many businesses do content marketing.

On the other hand, handing over all content marketing activities without a sound content strategy to third parties will not bring the desired success either. Professional agencies can only work with what they have been provided with. This includes diligent briefings and reliable contact persons. A clear strategy is obviously the prerequisite for this. 

»It all depends on workflow if organizations and agencies want to join their strengths for a successful marketing of products and services.«

1. Develop a Content Strategy

The more sustainable your operations are supposed to be, the more thoughts have to go into the preparation and planning process. This is a principle. All investments and efforts involved in content marketing considered, the significance of a strategic focus is undeniable. Content marketing is not a sprint, but an endurance run. It is about establishing various channels and managing them in the long term so that customers' trust in an organization can blossom. Companies with a solid content strategy develop their visibility online step by step.

The 4 corner stones of a successful content strategy

The development of a content marketing strategy that is aligned with an organization's objectives consists of four interlocking phases:

1 Content analysis

2 Content planning

3 Content production

4 Content management

Every step of the process is prepared by the agency and executed with the organization.

We have created a free white paper on the topic of outsourcing content marketing containing all the details. Get it now here:

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2. Develop & Distribute

In order to reach target groups on the various different communication channels, insights with regard to which channels customers prefer on which stage of their customer journey. These insights guide content marketers when they create content, i.e. what kind of content works on which channel for which stage of the customer journey.

Professional content marketeers have the skills to create content for all channels. They are pros that have been following the developments in the digital world for years. And they have used their knowledge to develop and realize content strategies for businesses of all sizes. Depending on the budged, they are capable to prioritize according to business objectives and to realize channels in line with the content strategy.

Our service: We gladly assist you in your content marketing activities – from strategy to development and production, image, video or text, get all your types of content from a single source.

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