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Outsource Content Marketing: Definition, Benefits and Strategy

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Outsourcing your marketing content is the key factor to improve your strategy. From small start-ups to large corporations, they have to manage their website, blog and social media on their own and quickly. Sooner or later they realise that doing high response content marketing requires a lot of resources. In this article you will learn how outsourcing content marketing can make a big difference and help you succeed in your business.

Imagine you are starting a new business or already have a successful one. Content marketing outsourcing can help you no matter where you are in your business journey. In this article, we'll explain what content marketing outsourcing is all about and why it's so important for businesses like yours.

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Table of Content
  1. What is Outsource Content Marketing and Why Your Business needs it
    1.1 The Concept of Outsource Content Marketing
    1.2 Why Companies are turning to Outsource Content Marketing
  2. The Advantages of Outsource Content Marketing for Your Business
    2.1 Cost Savings
    2.2 Time Efficiency
    2.3 Increased Productivity
    2.4 Experiment with Different Content
    2.5 Wider Audience Reach
    2.6 Accelerated Goal Achievement
  3. How to Outsource Content Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide
    3.1 Set Clear Goals
    3.2 Gather Key Business Information to make Informed Decisions
    3.3 Determine Content to Outsource
    3.4 Set a Budget
    3.5 Choose between Freelancers and Agencies
    3.6 Provide detailed Guidelines and Expectations
    3.7 Develop a solid Content Strategy and Schedule
    3.8 Give clear Briefs and Delegate Tasks
    3.9 Review and Publish Content
    3.10 Measure the Results and Compare them with Previous Data
  4. W4 Service: Marketing Outsourcing Service

What is Outsource Content Marketing and Why Your Business needs it


Let's break it down to make it crystal clear. When running a business part of your job is to publicise your products or services. You can do this through articles, videos or posts on social media, for example. Yes, we are talking about content marketing.

And this is where the magic of outsourced content marketing comes in. You invite some experts from outside your company to join your team, they are really good at creating content and they make sure the content reaches the right people.

Why do businesses need to rely on external resources to outsource their content?

The Concept of Outsource Content Marketing

Basically, outsourced content marketing means hiring specialists from outside your organisation to help you with your content efforts and make your content stand out and get noticed by your audience. But here's the interesting part: outsourced content marketing doesn't replace what you're already doing, it gives you extra power. It's like having a friend who is really good at your favourite game and who teaches you some great tricks to win more games.

Why Companies are turning to Outsource Content Marketing

The reason for the largely adoption of outsourcing content marketing lies in its many benefits. By outsource content marketing, companies can streamline their operations, saving both time and resources. It also expands their reach and enables them to reach a wider audience. Whether you are an emerging start-up or an established business, the collaborative approach that outsource content marketing offers has the potential to increase the impact and effectiveness of your business.

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The Advantages of Outsource Content Marketing for your Business

Let's now take a closer look at the fantastic benefits of outsource content marketing and how each of them can boost your business:

1. Cost Savings

If you hire external experts, the costs are often much lower than if you hire an internal team. No more worrying about salaries, office space or equipment – it's like getting quality content without straining your financial resources. For businesses looking to expand, significant expenses are commonplace. By entrusting your content marketing to a third-party company, you bypass the costs associated with hiring a full-time employee for tasks like blog writing.

2. Time Efficiency

Imagine having extra hours in the day – that's the gift that outsourcing brings. You have more time to focus on your main tasks while content experts take over the tasks of writing, designing and publishing. Using the services of an external copywriter or agency for your digital marketing will reduce your workload and free up more time for other tasks.

3. Increase Productivity

When you hire a digital marketing service for outsourcing, your team can complete projects faster. They can tackle new tasks faster, which ultimately increases the overall productivity of your business. If your staff is overwhelmed with multiple daily tasks, outsourcing content creation is a practical solution, so you have the opportunity to produce content more frequently. This leads to regular audience engagement, keeping them interested.

4. Experiment with Different Content

By outsourcing the creation of your content, you open yourself up to a wide range of content types and creative ideas. As opposed to being limited to your in-house skills, outsourcing offers the freedom to diversify. Outsourcing means you can experiment with different content formats, ranging from engaging emails and captivating videos to visually appealing infographics and engaging podcasts. Being able to experiment and vary your content not only keeps your audience engaged, but also allows you to find out what resonates best with your target audience.

5. Wider Audience Reach

Outsourcing allows you to reach a larger audience. Skilled experts have the strategic knowledge to ensure your content reaches a wider audience. By leveraging their expertise across multiple channels and platforms, these specialists can maximise the visibility of your content. This expanded reach not only increases the visibility of your brand, but also increases the potential to reach new audiences, driving growth and relevance in your market.

6. Accelerated Goal Achievement

With experienced experts on your side, the path to achieving your goals is greatly accelerated. Whether your goals are to skyrocket sales, increase brand awareness or expand your customer base, the expertise outsourcing provides will ensure a more efficient and faster journey. The synergy between your business vision and the expertise of external specialists gets you there faster and opens up more opportunities for growth, impact and lasting success.

How to Outsource Content Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide


To navigate the world of outsourced content marketing, you need a well-developed roadmap. In our short and comprehensive guide, we break down the process into actionable steps to ensure you make the most of this transformative approach:

1. Set clear goals

Start your outsourcing journey by formulating specific and measurable goals. Determine what you want to achieve with outsourced content marketing. Whether it's to increase traffic to your website, generate more leads or educate your audience, well-defined goals serve as a starting point. These goals not only set the direction, but also become important key points for measuring success throughout the outsourcing process.

2. Gather Key Business Information to make Informed Decisions

Before considering outsourcing, conduct a thorough analysis of your company's past performance, focusing particularly on the return on investment (ROI) of past marketing efforts. This historical perspective serves as a basis for informed decision-making. Understanding what has or hasn’t worked in the past will help in developing a strategic approach to outsourcing that aligns with your business goals.

3. Determine Content to Outsource

Not all aspects of your content creation need to be outsourced. Determine certain content that align with your goals and are a good fit for external expertise. This could include blog writing, video production, graphic design or any other element that contributes significantly to reach the goal you are aiming for with outsourcing.

4. Set a Budget

Clearly define the financial resources you want to allocate to outsourced content marketing. Setting a budget upfront is crucial for efficient management of resources and prevents the risk of overspending. Knowing your financial constraints will help you make informed decisions when selecting outsourcing partners and planning the scope of work.

5. Choose between Freelancers and Agencies

Consider the benefits and nuances of working with individual freelancers or specialised agencies. Freelancers offer a personal touch and often excel in particular skills. Agencies, on the other hand, offer a comprehensive range of services that covers various aspects of content marketing. This decision-making process is similar to a job interview. Ask potential freelancers or agencies about their expertise, experience and previous projects to ensure they are a seamless fit for your organisation's needs.

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6. Provide detailed Guidelines and Expectations

Once you have selected your outsourcing partners, you should provide clear and detailed instructions. These instructions should include elements such as brand tone, style, target audience and any specific requirements for your business. The more details you provide, the better the outsourcing team can tailor their work to your brand identity and goals.

7. Develop a solid Content Strategy and Schedule

Work closely with the selected experts to develop a solid content strategy. This strategy should seamlessly align with your predefined goals. Outline the type of content you want to produce, the frequency of publication and the platforms on which it will be distributed. At the same time, create a content publishing schedule to ensure your efforts are more consistent. Think of this schedule as a content calendar that guides and structures your content creation and distribution efforts over time.

8. Give clear Briefs and Delegate Tasks

Once the strategy is in place, create detailed briefings for each piece of content. These briefings should include information on the topics, preferred formats and key points to be covered. Delegate tasks clearly to your outsourcing partners and ensure that everyone involved understands their role in the content creation process. Clear communication at this stage is essential for seamless execution.

9. Review and Publish Content

Once the outsourcing team has delivered the content, conduct a review to ensure it is in line with your standards and meets the specified guidelines. This stage is the final quality check before the content is published on your chosen platforms. Effective review and feedback mechanisms help maintain the consistency and quality of your content marketing efforts.

10. Measure the Results and Compare them with Previous Data

After publishing content, monitor its performance closely. Analyse key metrics such as website traffic, engagement and conversion rates. Compare these results with historical data to assess the impact of outsourcing on your overall content marketing strategy. This step is important to refine future strategies, optimise content creation and ensure that outsourced content contributes positively to your business goals.

By following each step in this comprehensive guide to the letter, you will not only ensure the success of your outsourced content marketing strategy, but you will also be able to adjust and refine your approach based on real-time data and insights.

W4 Service: Marketing Outsource Service

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