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W4 | W4 / October 21, 2018

BoyaBoya is  a young and energetic professional with a passion for writing, singing, reading, enjoying different cuisines and a love for her furry pet. She is a graduate of Southwest University in Chongqing with degrees in German and English, reflecting her commitment to linguistic excellence.

With her versatile skills, Boya seamlessly handles customer management and B2B marketing in China. Her expertise includes the intricacies of WeChat marketing, Baidu SEO and Baidu ads, WeChat ads, translation services, Zhihu engagement, WeChat video content creation and Exhibition and Trade Event Management. Her commitment to excellence and creativity is reflected in her writing, which is aimed at both Chinese clients and our English blog audience.

Boya brings a fresh perspective to our team and adds deep insights into every post she writes about Marketing to China topics. Her ability to bridge cultural differences and captivate diverse audiences makes her a valuable member of our content creators team. 

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