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Online Product Configuration in B2B – Efficient and Customer-Friendly!

W4 | W4 / April 18, 2018

Product configuration has become a well-established method to increase sales. Clients want tailor-made rather than ready-made products. The advantages of this customer-friendly approach not only show in sales. In today's issue, we show you how product configurators save your company resources and money while making clients feel well-advised.

Product configuration is the configuration of individual products or components using software.

A different application, different data, different ports – this is already where product configuration begins. But product configuration can do much more!

1. Product configurators in sales and distribution

Product configurators are traditionally used to boost sales. Using customer-friendly masks, clients can put together a product that suits their individual needs.

W4 client project: e+a – virtual sales engineer

The e+a Elektromaschinen und Antriebe AG is one of the world's leading manufacturers of motor elements and built-in motors. e+a wanted to make available online the know-how of their sales engineers. W4 has made this possible. Using product configurators, clients receive specific statements on the products they want to buy.

The well thought-out use of configurators also increases the profitability of distribution processes. Thanks to access to product, pricing and process information, product configurators can be created already during the customer pitch. This saves time and makes possible the ideal compilation of a customer's wishes.

2. Product configuration in service

Product configurators used as virtual consulting assistants relieve a company's support department in standard consulting processes. Contrary to product configurators in sales that only call for action on the client's part, the company can assume a more active role with product configuration in service.

W4 client project: Mettler-Toledo – virtual first-level-support

Mettler-Toledo is specialized in precision scales for professional use. The company is the world's leading manufacturer of weighing systems. Hundreds of calls reach Mettler-Toleado's support center on a daily basis. At the other end of the line: clients with questions and wishes concerning various products.

W4 created a product configurator that answers general and basic questions online. This relieved Mettler-Toledo's support center by almost fifty percent. Needless to say this also translated into a significant reduction of costs.

W4 client project: Schaffner Group – digital application counselor

The Schaffner Group is the international leader in the development and production of solutions that ensure an efficient and reliable operation of electronic systems. Schaffner components are used in drive systems and electronic engine control, in wind and photovoltaics plants, in rail technology, machine tools and robots as well as in the power supply of a wide assortment of devices. - Numerous fields of application that call for tailor-made products. This is why W4 developed a product configurator that allows clients to put together their own products.

W4 gladly advises you on the boundless opportunities and advantages professional product configurators have to offer. Get in touch!

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