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Snack Marketing – Preparation Is Key

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

We are exposed to a daily flood of information in the digital age. The average attention span has changed enormously. Marketing strategies must adapt to this development in order to get the message in front of users. Snack Marketing is a solution users will find tasty.

What is snack marketing?

According to a recent Microsoft study, the average attention span has dropped dramatically to eight seconds. It is hardly surprising: Given the huge amount of information that competes for our attention every day, we must be able to filter the information that is relevant to us very quickly. Therefore, we prefer rather short pieces content, where we can identify what they are about and whether they are relevant to us in a matter of seconds. It is therefore important to create small content bites that win users over in less than eight seconds time and attract the attention of users.

Snack content can appear in very different types of packaging such as GIFs, short videos, memes or graphics. Possible content may be news about your company or industry, product information and presentations, quotes or promotion and event announcements.

What are the advantages of Snack Marketing?

The small content snacks can usually be produced very quickly and inexpensively. In addition, they can be used easily and flexibly in a marketing strategy. The fact that they can be consumed in very little time encourages user engagement, which in turn generates more reach. Mobile users in particular will love the content snacks because they do not use up a lot of data volume and hardly require scrolling.

Probably the most crucial advantage of this type of content is the increased likelihood of users receiving the message with full attention.

How to add zest to snack marketing?

First and foremost, marketers should know a little bit about their target audiences' taste. Furthermore, the content should contain no more than two key messages in order to get users' attention and motivate them to engage. And not to forget: give them some eye candy as well! Even small content snacks have to be professionally designed and visually appealing.

Tip: As great as the many benefits of snack marketing sound, you should not just bet on that kind of content. Diversity is the key – keep the content diet as balanced as possible. Snack content should only be published occasionally to bring some diversion and be one of several components of a balanced marketing strategy.
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